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Medical Technologist Description:

A Medical Laboratory Technician performs laboratory analysis of patient specimens for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease for all patient populations to include geriatrics, adults, children, infants, and neonates, in accordance with established Federal, State, and regulatory specifications, as well as District and Department policies and procedures. A Medical Laboratory Technician performs assigned tasks within a designated discipline, to include one or more of the following: General Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology/Serology, Microbiology, Special Chemistry, Toxicology, Transfusion Services and Urinalysis.

Typical Duties Of The Medical Technologist:

-Analyze patient samples and evaluate the reliability of test results according to age, gender and specimen acceptability criteria
prior to releasing information for use in patient care and treatment.
-Complies with all Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements related to health care delivery.
-Determine the acceptability of and prepare patient samples for analysis.
-Participate in assigned proficiency surveys, performance improvement activities and mandatory continuing education programs.
-Participate in training and orientation of new employee and students, including technical guidance.
-Perform and document routine maintenance and minor instrument repairs.
-Perform calibration procedures, and analyze and verify the acceptability of Quality Control values prior to analyzing patient samples.
-Perform Laboratory and Hospital Information Systems (LIS and HIS) computer functions involved in preanalytic, analytic and
post analytic processes.
-Perform other duties, e.g., special collection procedures, development of procedures, inventory, and records keeping, as assigned.


Must have documented evidence of at least an Associate's Degree in Medical Technology from an accredited college or university; or successful completion of a 50-week military training program for medical laboratory specialists. Courses in computer science or experience with Hospital and Laboratory information systems are desirable. Documented evidence of registration as an MLT (ASCP) or Medical Laboratory Specialist (CLS). ASCP Medical Technologist are preferred.


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