Job Title:
Medical Scientific Liaison
Reports to:
MSL Lead Department:
Direct Reports:
NONE Region:
Central America   X  Caribbean X  MAC X
 Responsible for provision of high quality medical & scientific expertise on emerging treatment trends via in-depth expert medical and scientific product/disease area discussions and presentations of detailed clinical data in a non-promotional scientific context.
1. Scientific Information Management and Dissemination
Keep him/herself up-to-date in therapeutic area and product knowledge (including competitors);
Regular meeting with Opinion Leaders and Influence groups to build partnership, share data, request support and provide support including publications, slide sets;
Respond to unsolicited requests for information about unapproved AZ products or unapproved uses of approved products, presenting such information in an objective, well balanced, substantiated manner that is scientific in tone and content, free of promotional messages, truthful, and is not misleading. 
Appropriately share data with HCPs discussing all aspects of the data in a scientific, objective and balanced way;
Respond to requests by HCPs for information about clinical/ scientific data relating to products in line with local legislation;
Facilitate continuous medical education events for HCPs; 
Undertake activities that contribute to the implementation of Risk Minimization Plans;
Meet with peers regularly for formal shared learning and debrief with affiliate and revise shared objectives;
Attend scientific meetings.
2. Building Opinion Leader Relationships
Identify and partner with national, regional/local Opinion Leaders and influence or advocacy groups for AstraZeneca products;
Serve as information source for HCPs;
Work with HCPs as partners in scientific activities that help advance disease understanding and are consistent with Medical Affairs strategy & objectives, such as:
o Identify potential speakers and train speakers as appropriate for local events
o Provide recommendations for advisory board participants and serve as faculty/facilitators for advisory board meetings. 
3. Contribution to Brand Strategy by supporting cross-functional team(s)
Provide AZ with an understanding of the local medical community landscape, clinical practice trends and real and/or perceived gaps in current scientific knowledge and medical treatment;
Support of pre-launch activities for new therapeutic area, products and line extensions;
Share HCPs insight and customer needs with cross-functional team;
Share educational highlights and insight gathered while at scientific congress with colleagues;
Monitor the competitors’ activities.
4. Facilitate Local Clinical Research (as appropriate)
Participate in development and conduction of local/regional studies (incl. non-interventional studies);
Upon request, assist with various aspects of local clinical trials, including scientific support, site selection and operational issues or feasibility assessments.
Internal Frequency of contact Purpose
Medical Advisor Permanent Query resolution, field visits, training, support
Marketing Permanent Feedback on materials, insights from the HCPs
External Frequency of contact Purpose:
Customers (physicians, health authorities, patients, pharmacies)    • As required   • Customer enquiries, Advisory board implementation, Speaker contact
Indicate which decisions are made during the normal performance of this position.
Support the Medical Advisor on defining the most suitable medical activities to implement in alignment with the brand strategy
Providing the medical point of view in business related matters, according to the current clinical practice 
Speaker recommendation for local-regional activities
Support the development of scientific agendas for local-regional medical activities
Interaction with different customers with different cultural-medical background
Timely responses required for different customers
Continuous update in different therapeutic areas 
Improvement-Development of non-medical skills to adequately interact with the different customers
- Ability to synthesize and communicate scientific information effectively at a peer level with a physician; 
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
- Passion for Customers;
- Good strategic thinking;
- Excellent self-management skills; 
- Intellectual curiosity and high motivation to learn;
- Strong team work skills;
- Good organizational skills;
- Innovation and creativity;
- Understanding of commercial environment;
Applicable to all employees
- Integrity and high ethical values
- Respect for people
- Respect for diversity
- Results focus
- Openness
- Honesty 
- Reliability and teamwork
- Focus on internal and external clients
Formal Education
Healthcare professional (medical doctor, pharmacist) 
Desirably 2 years of experience in healthcare related field.
Other knowledge, skills, abilities
Project management/planning
Knowledge of written and spoken English 
Knowledge of specific Therapeutic Areas
IT knowledge (Proficient in MS Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project)
To be able to influence people
Advanced organizational skills
Excellent communication skills
Personal relationships skills
Ability to work flexible hours.
Availability to travel
- 2 years of relevant experience in healthcare related field
Training needs
Training in therapeutic area (disease and products), Product Training (SPC, competitors analyses, AZ products development, AZ product pipeline);
Medical administration training: Relevant local legislation; AZ Pharma Code and internal processes on, but not limited to medical information, approval process, handling of unpublished data, patient safety; ICH guidelines and GCP);
Presentation and Communication skills training (incl. use of literature search tools, speaker training, organization of meetings).