About Employer:

Global technology company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for pulmonary function testing (PFT) in the point of care setting. Client is an International start-up launching disruptive lung functionality equipment in the United States.


Our client is seeking a Sales Representative that can drive revenue through a complex sales cycle, build relationships, and create primary market demand for this product.

Call points are doctor's offices - family practice, pulmonologists, etc - clinics and hospitals. Takes some educating of doctors as they will be able to do more for patients in office before referring them to the next level specialty.

3-8 years B2B Outside sales experience OR Light Pharma/Dental/Med with B2B sales
Proven and documented track record of meeting and exceeding your sales goals
Bachelor's degree required
Clean driving record required
Must be a true Hunter!
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Nyc NY
Medical Sales/Capital
Compensation Range
Holly Hayes

(952) 479-7254