Mechanical Engineer

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This position is responsible for providing professional Mechanical Engineering service and technical support to Maintenance and Operation departments for the re-design, modification, re-engineering and retro-fitting of machinery and equipment to improve quality and productivity.


  1. Coordinates and sets priority for the Mechanical Engineers in his area.
  2. Analyzes and defines machinery and equipment problems to improve quality, productivity, repair damaged equipment, save money, and increase production line up time.
  3. Re-designs, re-engineers and /or retro-fits machinery and equipment that needs upgrading, is damaged, is poorly designed or is incorrectly used in order to improve quality and productivity, to repair damaged equipment, to save money and to improve production line up-time.
  4. Defines and scopes projects, makes engineering drawings or layouts, writes engineering reports, makes cost estimates, obtains bids, writes work orders, makes recommendations to management, obtains approval to purchase necessary equipment and materials, and works with Maintenance and Operations Personal to retro-fit and install.
  5. Studies machinery requirements, maintenance manuals and maintenance procedures to design and establish Preventative Maintenance Programs to increase equipment up-time. Coordinates all Predictive and Preventative Maintenance activities and insures all maintenance work is satisfactory complete as assigned.
  6. Communicates and coordinates with Maintenance Personnel to provide technical expertise and support on the full range of maintenance projects and programs to reduce maintenance costs, avoid costly downtime, and increase equipment utilization.
  7. Defines, prepares and controls work order jobs. Prepares work instruction, orders and secures spare parts for jobs to be completed by Maintenance personnel. Reviews all work done for proper completion to ensure the orderly and efficient utilization of Maintenance manpower and materials.
  8. provides for and ensures the timely, accurate and efficient administration and control of the spare parts program assures that all spares which are essential for the orderly and efficient operation of the plant are either inventoried on site or are readily available for delivery through equipment vendors in order to avoid unnecessary downtime waiting for spare parts.
  9. Assists Operations and Maintenance with troubleshooting and repairs to pollution control equipment in order to meet EPA rules and regulations.
  10. Follows OSHA regulations as it applies to engineering design, constructions, maintenance and equipment installation to assure NAS compliance to safety and health requirements.
  11. Keeps abreast of new equipment and techniques by reading appropriate journals , associating with professional organizations, trade associations, colleagues, equipment vendors, service companies, consultants, and government agencies, and attending conferences, training courses, and continuing education courses as appropriate.

Columbia City
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