Materials Inspector

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Principal Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  1. Arrange for correct finished part pallet / container to be prepared in advance of run, therefore, minimizing line downtime.

  2. Load coils onto line as required.

  3. Complete Coil First Off requirements for Auto Exposed products as per In-Process Check Sheets.

  4. Complete Pallet First Off requirements for Auto Exposed products as per In-Process Check Sheets.

  5. Continuous inspection for any material defects during line run as outlined in Auto Exposed handling, inspection and production procedures.

  6. Perform Quality checks of finished product at set intervals as set out in process Check Sheets to ensure compliance with Customer Specifications.

  7. Ensure proper tagging of finished parts.

  8. Safely moves material with the use of forklift or overhead crane from the line to staging or storage areas.

  9. Operates bundle turner, when parts require to be flipped.

  10. Completes all necessary inspections and verifies product is in conformance with customer packaged product specifications.

  11. Preparation of tooling changeovers per QDC procedures.

  12. Arrange for scrap removal in timely manner to minimize line downtime.

  13. Verify required rework of held material information provided on ‘Release of Held Material Form’.

  14. Determine if rework process qualifies for return to Prime and proceed with rework if results dictate.

  15. Complete required paperwork in a neat and accurate manner.

  16. Proven competent to operate a forklift and overhead crane.

  17. Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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