Responsibilities include:

  • Set expectations to ensure proper housekeeping and enforce company safety rules.
  • Maintain accurate and sufficient inventories to support operations while minimizing inventory carrying costs.
  • Perform analytical functions to determine most efficient usage of materials. Develop action plans to promote continuous improvement of refractory cost and efficiency.
  • Lead failure analysis and implement corrective actions for refractory failures.
  • Ensure operating practices are in place to ensure appropriate refractory performance. Work with operating departments to recognize when practice deviations are affecting refractory costs.
  • Drive improvements in supplier performance. Ensure suppliers are performing root-cause problem solving and providing meaningful corrective actions.
  • Recognized as the technical expert for refractory systems throughout the business.
  • Meet with suppliers to investigate potential improvements in materials, installation of materials and resolution to negative performance.
  • Work cooperatively with purchasing to identify competitive advantages and evaluate potential suppliers.
  • Effective computer skills are needed to for analytical evaluation of products and procedures.
  • Utilize business process computer systems for proper tracking, ordering and cost control evaluation of raw materials.
  • Supervise and coordinate personnel required for removal and installation of refractories in t ladles, tundishes, electric arc furnaces, buildings or construction, and technical support into selection of refractories used at facilities. Communication with department representatives and an understanding of applications are critical for the proper selection of materials.
  • Develop appropriate work instructions to ensure the necessary installation and care for refractory systems. Ensure ladle crews to follow these procedures while maintaining efficient process flow.

Minimum requirements:

  • Associate degree with at least 4 years' experience in refractory materials and related functions; or
  • Bachelor's Degree in Ceramic Engineering, Material Science or related

Preferred requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Ceramic Engineering, Material Science or related with at least 7 years of experience in refractory materials and related functions.

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Full-Time Regular
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