Job Description

Manufacturing Engineer - Gainesville, GA


- Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related discipline.

- Comprehensive understanding of complexity management, leadership, and supervision within manufacturing.

- Proficiency in manufacturing methodologies and procedures, quality assurance, technical information presentation, CAD, and CAD/CAM circuit design.

- Ability to work under extreme temperature conditions.

- Capacity to operate effectively in noisy environments.

- Physical ability to stand for extended durations and move around the shop floor.

- Aptitude for desk work requiring hand/finger dexterity.

- Capability to reach and operate power and handheld tools.


  1. Manufacturing Process Development:

- Develop and refine manufacturing processes with an emphasis on operator safety. This involves analyzing product specifications, researching, designing, and testing equipment, and coordinating with equipment vendors.

  1. Quality Assurance:

- Ensure product and process quality by designing resilient manufacturing processes, implementing error-proofing (poka-yoke) solutions, developing testing methodologies, and validating manufacturing process capabilities.

  1. Productivity Enhancement:

- Analyze and organize workflow, spatial requirements, and equipment layout to enhance manufacturing productivity in accordance with 5-Gen Principles.

  1. Decision-Making & Cost Estimation:

- Provide well-founded insights by evaluating production, labor, and material costs, reviewing production schedules, and estimating future requirements.

  1. Project Management:

- Transparently oversee project activities for new programs or modifications to existing programs, encompassing timelines, budgets, design details, team coordination, and vendor procurement.

  1. Reporting & Analysis:

- Compile comprehensive reports on product and process performance by gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing relevant data and trends.

  1. Support & Optimization:

- Support manufacturing objectives relating to safety, productivity, and quality through process design, optimization projects, and Kaizen initiatives.

  1. Compliance & Maintenance:

- Uphold government regulations to maintain the company's and product's reputation.

- Collaborate with maintenance teams to establish preventative initiatives for new equipment, following manufacturer's guidelines and established protocols.

  1. Database Management:

- Develop and maintain accurate design records for tooling and fixtures via CAD applications.

  1. Process Implementation:

- Conduct training for technicians on new or revised processes to ensure proper implementation.

  1. Professional Development:

- Stay current in the field through participation in educational workshops, reviewing industry publications, networking, and engaging in professional societies.

  1. Team Contribution:

- Support colleagues and contribute to the team's overall success as capacity demands.


Gainesville GA
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