Manufacturing Engineer

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
United States


Position Summary

Create, implement, maintain and improve manufacturing processes for rotating aerospace components. Provide technical support for implementation and improvement of manufacturing processes.


Magellan Aerospace, Haverhill offers excellent career opportunities, competitive salary, health and pension benefits packages. Starting salary will be based on experience and qualifications.

Essential Responsibilities

• Develop/implement/Improve manufacturing process
• Create process documentation/process revisions utilizing NX
• Review/disposition Non-conformances and facilitate Root Cause review/assignment
• Monitor process for cost and quality
• Router/BOM creation/update
• Fixture/tooling development and manufacture
• Interface with OV to develop/troubleshoot special processes
• Incorporate drawing/specification changes
• Interface directly with customers to alleviate technical issues
• Monitor/develop reworks/repairs to alleviate MRB/Slow Moving WIP
• Monitor process and raise issues for awareness
• Implement Corrective Actions
• Establish project timelines utilizing Microsoft Project
• Present process metrics utilizing Microsoft Powerpoint

Position Requirements

• BSME or equivalent experience in aerospace machining environment
• 2-5 years - preferably in aerospace machining

About us:

Magellan Aerospace is a global, integrated aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. The organization officially adopted the name “Magellan Aerospace Corporation” in 1996; deriving it from the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan. His global exploits at the turn of the 15th century established a number of firsts, so the company’s vision has been to carry this same legacy into the future of the aerospace industry.

At Magellan we have over 80 years of collective knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry, and believe one truth: People create value. Employees are our greatest resource in working towards a successful future, and together we build professional relationships that thrive. We know that personal development is fundamental to the success of every individual, and every individual is fundamental to the success of our business, so we invest in our employees and provide excellent career progression opportunities. When you are part of Magellan, you are part of the team!
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