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The successful candidate will be responsible for creating social media campaigns along with internal and external organizational communications. The individual will collaborate with internal and external partners to ensure delivery of high-quality content that is aligned with company values and consistent in branding and messaging. If you have a passion for establishing social media strategy, internet utilization strategy and connecting customers, applicants, employees and other stakeholders…this is a great opportunity for you!

Job Duties:

  • Develop strategies related to the company presence on social media platforms and internet sites. Leverage search engines, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other existing and emerging communications platforms to company’s advantage.
  • Leverage digital media to expand business and company reputation to various stakeholders.
  • Follow company standards regarding internet use, social media use, maintenance of digital information and security.
  • Establish creative ways to reach stakeholders including potential applicants, customers, community partners, etc. using both digital and traditional communication channels.
  • Create systems to ensure all communications are timely, relevant and add value to the vision and mission of the company.
  • Create systems to clean up old information that may exist on social media platforms and maintain a “current” presence.
  • Develop new strategies and partner with cutting edge consultants and media experts to ensure the company is using digital media to our advantage.
  • Translate professional brand look and feel into engaging and informative communications.
  • Recommend appropriate content, graphic design and imagery for assignments supporting diverse and evolving business needs.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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