This is a client, handled by our partner in UK

Our client, a global ERP Software Vendor is looking for a Managed Cloud Technical Authority (Microsoft Specialist) to provide indepth technical expertise to the managed cloud operations teams and own the overall design of the vendors managed cloud services which are based on Microsoft technologies.

Unlike other roles which may appear similar to this Managed Cloud Technical Authority (Microsoft Specialist) role, this company is a global software vendor with numerous products which need moving from on-premise to cloud. There are a lot of contractors focussing on moving an organisation’s IT platforms into the cloud. Unlike that, this is not a “one-off” activity – once you have migrated your on-premise solutions into the cloud it’s done, it’s not a recurring activity.

Whilst there are certainly very clear parallels between that activity and with what this global software vendor is looking for, it’s not the same. The difference being that we they are designing platforms to run their own software in the cloud for multiple customers.

Job Description

The primary responsibilities of the role can be sub-divided into two distinct categories – Technical Design Authority and Operational Support.

Technical Design Authority

As a Technical Design Authority for the Managed Cloud, this role is responsible for the overall technical architecture design of the software vendor's Managed Cloud services built upon the Microsoft technology stack.

Responsibilities include:

Working with the Managed Service Provider and Global Cloud Team to maintain and continuously optimise the standard template technical architecture design of Managed Cloud solutions.

Establishing and defining permissible variations on the standard template design to meet diverse requirements from customers, the vendor's egions and projects while remaining supportable from a Managed Service perspective.

Continuously developing the design to maximise efficiency and to leverage 3rd party capabilities where beneficial (e.g. New facilities provided by the Azure platform or by the Managed Service Provider).

Extending and enhancing the design to support new and evolving product and service requirements.

Defining and continuously updating permissible software versions and mandatory patches for 3rd party products upon which the vendor's solutions are dependent (e.g. SQL Server database, SSIS, IIS and Apache, Azure IoT services, etc). Ensuring these software components remain supportable and fit for purpose, including appropriate patches or configurations to protect against critical bugs or vulnerabilities.

Working closely with other members of the team to ensure consistency and efficient interoperability with services built on the Oracle technology stack.

The role is also responsible for providing deep technical skills as required in support of operational service delivery. This includes hands-on activity supporting the Managed Service Provider when necessary, as well as helping to improve operational processes on both a proactive and reactive basis. Responsibilities include:

  • Technical Reference Point. (Providing access to deep technical knowledge and experience by assisting the operational Managed Service Team with the most complex technical queries (as required, by exception).

  • Operational Root Cause analysis, Process Improvement and Process Optimisation
  • Undertaking root cause analysis of complex technical issues encountered during live customer operations and recommending process, design or operational improvements to prevent recurrence.
  • Investigating and recommending improvements to operational processes to improve efficiency, automate routine tasks and adopt industry best practice.
  • Working with the Global Cloud team and Managed Service Provider to implement recommended improvements.



The successful candidate will have a good technical understanding of the Microsoft technology stack including SQL Server database, SSIS, IIS, Azure IoT services, and significant hands-on systems engineering experience of designing, implementing and supporting production systems based upon these technologies. Experience of implementing and managing customer production environments including a strong awareness of customer-driven priorities and commercial pressures is essential. An understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform and of Cloud Computing in general is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record working with a wide range of teams including R&D, sales, and consulting services. They will work effectively in a distributed multi-discipline team and must be highly self-motivated and proactive, with excellent problem solving and communication skills.


  • Architecture and Technology:
  • SQL Server Database
  • SQL Server add-on services including PowerBI, Integration, Reporting and Analysis
  • Azure IoT services
  • Network architectures
  • Cloud Technology (Microsoft Azure)


Flexibility exists regarding the base location of the holder of this role. Some international travel will be required when the need dictates.Home working is fine for the most part.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
London Greater London