My client has an exciting oppurtunity for a Maintenance Technician in the Columbus area. Please message me for more details
  • Responsible for daily operations, maintenance, and repair, including daily logs, preventive maintenance tasks, and reporting.
  • Provide equipment inspection, maintenance tasks, troubleshooting and diagnoses of plant equipment and systems.
  • Installs, modifies, maintains, repairs, overhauls, tests and adjusts a variety of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment and machinery.
  • Diagnoses problems, troubleshoots and analyzes faulty equipment.
  • Performs predictive and preventive maintenance on equipment utilizing vibration equipment, volt-ohm meters, ammeters, temperature sensing and other equipment.
  • Utilizes the computerized maintenance management system as necessary to aid in performing predictive, preventive and repair tasks, and assist the supervisor in planning work.
  • Periodically checks equipment performance to assure conformance to required standards.
  • Estimate materials and specification of same for the purpose of initiating a purchase request.
  • Compliance with plant specifications to ensure timely service and reliable product delivery.
  • Ensure compliance with company, industry, trade, regulatory and jurisdictional safety standards, practices, codes.
  • Performs electrical work as required, such as motor disconnection and phase testing.
  • Fabricates parts using shop equipment.
  • Interprets and alters drawings or blueprints to make field fits.
  • Exude behaviors supportive of our Values:
    • Integrity and Honesty
    • Manage Safety In Our Business
    • Customer and Product Focused
    • Be Better Every Day
    • Lead By Example


  • Minimum 3+ years equipment operations experience using mechanical, electrical, instrument or control system skills.
  • High School, GED, technical training school, Associates Degree level graduate.
  • Must be able to work extended hours according to maintenance schedule.
  • Experience performing mechanical maintenance on blowers, compressors, and ancillary equipment.
  • Must be proficient in the use of all hand and electrical/electronic analytical tools.
  • Must have in depth knowledge of PLC control systems and be proficient in reading and writing ladder logic schematics and proficient at using PLC programs such as R.S. Logic.
  • Must have in depth knowledge and understanding of machine control functions and logic.
  • Must be capable of engineering power runs from electrical panel to the machinery.
  • Must be able to fabricate parts from sketches, blueprints, broken or worn parts.
  • Basic computer skills including e-mail and data entry using Microsoft Outlook, Word, & Excel.
  • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs & transport equipment & tools in excess of 300 lbs.
  • Strong verbal, written, computer communication and organization skills.

Quality Requirements:

  1. notify your supervisor or lead of any quality issues quickly
  2. follow your specific work instructions
  3. stay customer focus throughout your operation
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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