Maintenance Planner


The primary objective of the Maintenance Planner is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Tulsa plant workforce, service companies and contractors. This will be accomplished by providing the employees with detailed job plans, including technical specifications, machinery history, parts and tools lists, and procedures in a very organized fashion.

The Maintenance Planner is also responsible to provide all the necessary information to ensure that all work is completed safely, efficiently, and timely while ensuring compliance with environmental requirements.

Maintain and control all required activities for the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and plant reliability based maintenance program according to the directions given by the Maintenance Manager to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Safety and Environmental Standards
  2. Reliability and Availability of equipment
  3. Medium and long-term maintenance of plant operations

The maintenance planner reports to the Maintenance Manager.


  • The main scope of this position is defined within the CMMS that is the maintenance natural computational and administrative systems
  • The position serves mainly the CMMS needs of the Maintenance Department; and assist all other departments using the CMMS system (including maintenance, production, purchasing, and financial departments)
  • Primary responsible contact with CMMS system and supporting services, IT.
  • Propose improvement actions aimed to enhance his/her function and the tasks he/she is responsible.
  • Apply high initiative levels and commitment to ensure the best results from the CMMS
  • Maintain updated and under control all the documentation and information required by the CMMS
  • Maintain and update all equipment documentation in the CMMS such as: Technical Information, Drawings, List of spare parts, Measuring points, safety plans, supplier information, Equipment repair reports, and so on
  • Complete all work orders executed in the plant maintenance activities, inputting in CMMS all information meant to be kept as historic data
  • Support plant personnel in al aspects related with CMMS usage
  • Carry out all administrative jobs as required by Maintenance Manager
  • Carry out any function that is inherent to the position and is in agreement with its professional category
  • Monitor maintenance cost and advise Maintenance Manager
  • Update KPI’s for major equipment performance


  • Develop and maintain daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, outage plan, and KPI’s
  • Update CMMS and keep technical documentation, ready for use
  • Reports and information for execution, inspection and lubrication are delivered on a timely manner (Execute Reliability based maintenance system).
  • Reports required for decision-making processes are delivered accurately and on time.
  • Feedback from Execution, Inspection, and Lubrication crews are entered daily in CMMS and work orders are completed accordingly.
  • Analyze spare parts inventory and define critical parts, request parts and services in order for the plant to function efficiently.
  • Participate in the Maintenance dept. on-call program.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or related experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years related experience in engineering and maintenance of mining, refining, processing, heavy manufacturing, or related equipment and facilities in a professional role.
  • Experience in cement industry is strongly desired.
  • Background with personal computers, reliability, purchasing/inventory, CMMS.
  • Negotiating abilities and competency in conflict resolution.

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