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A Mechanical Process Technician Team Member is responsible for installing machinery and parts according to layout plans, blueprints and other drawings, and maintaining that machinery and equipment.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

1. Receives instructions covering the scheduling of emergency repair, installation and inspection work to be done.
2. Inspects equipment for defects including misalignment, wear and insufficient lubrications.
3. Dismantles machines, using hammers, wrenches, crowbars and other hand tools. In addition, dismantles, cleans, repairs, replaces, installs, maintains, assembles and lubricates mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.
4. Responsible for non-electrical machinery inclusive of gearboxes, pumps, line shafts, conveyors, fans, and blowers, hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders, hydraulic motors, air motors and air valves. Foundation for machines may be built using hand tools and building materials.
5. Assembles machines. Bolts, welds and rivets or otherwise fasten them to foundations and/or other structures using hand tools and/or power tools.
6. Adjust equipment insuring proper operating characteristics and performs cutting and welding to make repairs.
7. Responsible for keeping work area and tools clean, orderly and in good working condition.

Experience and Skill Requirements

Incumbent must possess knowledge and skills pertinent to the maintenance of equipment and machines. Must complete the Mechanical Maintenance Test with a passing grade. Must possess good written and verbal communication skills and able to work with little supervision. Incumbent must successfully complete the applicable safety and environmental training. Mandatory attendance of extensive training regarding applicable equipment and team development is required. Able and willing to cross train as required.

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