Maintenance Manager

Position Title: Maintenance Manager

Purpose: Manage, direct and coordinate maintenance operations activities and personnel.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Direct plant electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance programs and personnel.
  • Ensure optimum machinery performance and minimum downtime.
  • Oversee installation of new equipment as well as alterations and overall maintenance of plant structures and grounds.
  • Protect company interests under labor agreement(s) and applicable governmental regulations pertaining to safety, environment, and other employment areas.
  • Coordinate interdepartmental activities with other Department Managers.
  • Develop and manage operating and capital budgets and provide accurate cost forecasting in coordination with the Vice President of Finance.
  • Manage spare parts inventory efficiently in coordination with the Purchasing Manager.
  • Develop and train employees.
  • B.S. degree in Engineering, Physical Sciences or Management.
  • 5 years of experience in mechanical/electrical maintenance repairs.
  • Experience with MS Office and CMMS software.
  • Technical schooling in the cement process, preventive/predictive maintenance, and detail machinist experience not required but recommended.
  • Familiarity with cement process equipment.
  • Capable of making technical evaluations of machine performance and formulating specific solutions to problems identified.
Management Skills:
  • Must practice preventative maintenance ideology and have a good appreciation for production and quality objectives and constraints.
  • Must be able to set clear expectations and goals for maintaining performance through developmental counseling.
  • Ability to drive employee responsibility and accountability.
  • Ability to guide individuals and groups toward goal achievement.
  • Ability to minimize/manage conflict.
  • Possess excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong focus on Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • Attention to detail in repair procedures to reduce rework.
  • Good negotiator with the ability to reconcile conflict and differences in a manner that gains agreement or acceptance of all parties without damaging, hampering, or expressly ranking functions.
  • Excellent communication skills.
Personal Characteristics:
  • Attributes and values that influence behavior when confronted with changes, ambiguity, adversity, or other pressures.
  • High resistance to stress.
  • Capable of handling daily stress, deadlines, personnel interactions.
  • Excellent tolerance of ambiguity and be flexible and adaptable to demands of varying environments.
  • Resilient
  • Capable of changing attitudes/practices so as to meet immediate compliance in safety and environmental areas.
  • Persistent in motivational efforts.
  • High ethical behavior.
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