Maintenance Inspector


The primary objective is to monitor equipment condition on a continuous basis and analyze trends in order to ascertain the required maintenance interventions (mechanical, electrical, mobile equipment) necessary to maximize equipment reliability, performance and life expectancy, at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the production functions.

Organization Structure

The Maintenance Inspectors are two of six direct reports to the Maintenance Manager.

(The Maintenance Planner, the Maintenance Coordinators, and the Maintenance Improvement Engineer).

Nature and Scope

The Maintenance Inspectors monitor equipment condition, in part, by performing both a formal schedule of systematic inspections (PM) of plant equipment, and non-systematic inspections as required by equipment stoppages, daily incidents and pending turnarounds. The inspector records and analyzes data, then initiates the appropriate work orders, in order to maintain or replace equipment components so that equipment reliability and performance are maximized, and costs can be minimized and budgeted properly. The Maintenance Inspector initiates most of the work performed by the Execution group.

The formal schedule of PM activities (Master Schedule) is the responsibility of the Maintenance Inspector for development, review, and modification. The inspectors use Advanced Detection Techniques (Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, NDT) to perform the equipment inspections along with “5 senses” and simple measurement methods.

Following repairs and new installations, the Maintenance Inspector performs follow-up inspections and verifies tolerances to assure compliance to acceptance standards and the PPM Guidelines. Along with the Planner, the Inspector may need to inspect repairs and/or rebuilds being made off-site, and the responsibility is shared for the quality of specialized items received by Stores.

The Maintenance Inspector is the recognized technical expert in his area of the plant and he or she provides advice and support accordingly. He or she makes most technical decisions regarding plant equipment for the Planner, and coaches maintenance mechanics whether involved in Inspection or Execution functions. The Maintenance Inspector interacts with production personnel regarding operating procedures, which have an impact on equipment longevity. He or she is a participant in the budgeting process and is the prime source of advice in the planning and scheduling of major maintenance activities.

He or she uses Maximo to help manage activities and to generate the maintenance KPI’s which measure the effectiveness of his or her function. He or she is also knowledgeable in current safety regulations and guidelines and plays an active role in promotion of plant safety


  • 7+ Years of industrial fixed equipment fabrication, maintenance and repair.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Emerson Process/CSI (or equivalent) vibration analysis system experience.
  • Prior ISO or ASNT qualifications (Level 2/II).
  • Knowledge of wear, corrosion, damage mechanisms.
  • Ability to document equipment deficiencies and make repair recommendations.
  • 2-year Technical or Associates degree in related field.
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