Logistics Specialist - Lexington

Job Description

Job Description:
This company is a leader in the agriculture industry and over the past 5 years, they have been growing by leaps and bounds. Because of that rapid growth, there are some gaps in their corporate structure and right now, one of the areas they are looking to address is logistics. They recently hired a supply chain and logistics manager from a competitor and he has been tasked with building a corporate logistics planning and inventory management team and this role will be one of the first people hired on to that team. Eventually, this team will grow to be about 8-10 people, with each person being responsible for the logistics oversight and inventory management oversight of 3-4 facilities (overall, this company has 35 facilities here in the US). For the facility near LaSalle, that person will be a member of this team, but because that particular facility is large (and unique) the Logistics Specialist located there will be responsible solely for that facility.
I have been partnering with this company now for 3 years – I have met many of their people in-person and have had a chance to see their facilities in Lexington. There is a reason they have grown so quickly – not only is their product unique, but they take care of their people. Many of the people I’ve met and talked to have been there for 10, 15, 20 years. This company’s name isn’t well-known outside of the Ag industry now, but I think they will become well known in the near future.
Beyond this role – someone who comes in and works in this role for a couple of years will have a lot of opportunity to move up within the company. There are opportunities in global purchasing and also in the global supply chain group and this person will be encouraged to pursue positions of increasing responsibility.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Must have inventory management and inventory planning experience – many of the facilities that this company runs have 400-500 different SKUs that they are tracking and managing so someone needs to come out of an environment that is fast-paced and on the more complex end of the spectrum.
  • Another must-have for the role is having experience with negotiating freight-rates and managing relationship with freight and trucking/hauling companies.
  • Must be able to demonstrate, through real-world examples, the ability to solve problems.
  • More generally speaking – successful applicants for this role will have about 2-5 years of industry experience; the hiring manager is not particular about what type of industry this person comes out of, as long as they know inventory management and inventory planning abilities.
  • Should know Microsoft Office – need to be a confident and effective communicator.
Salary Range: $60,000 to $75,000/yr. base salary
Lexington, KY
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