Lead Painter

Job Description


The Painter is to powder coat customer matetrials and to ensure that the day to day functions as designated by his or her direct supervisor are both adhered to and done efficiently and safely

Shift timings:

Monday- Friday

7am- 4pm

Responsible for:

  • Coming to work each day at the required time
  • Providing help whenever/ wherever requested
  • Abiding by company policies and procedures at all times
  • Keeping work area clean and free of debris
  • Workplace is to be maintained in a safe manner
  • Cooperating with other employees and management
  • Completing work to the bestof his or her ability
  • Advising managemnt when aware of contraventions of Health and Safety
  • Performing other tasks within your skill,ability and training as assigned by Management

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Train other painters
  • Double check guns (quality of spray, replacement parts necessary, internal maintenance, cleaning)
  • Work closely with lead hand regarding production requirements for customer orders
  • Ensure proper coating and quality of product
  • Properly clean powder guns and nozzles for manual and automatic guns
  • Report poroblems with gun performance/quality
  • Complete daily checklist of gun maintenance
  • Verify customer materials prior to coating
  • Verify drawings for proper painting instructions (communicate with Lead Hand prior to painting)
  • Communicate with Inventory Coordinator for sufficent supply of powder


Mississauga, ON ON
Date Posted

Employee Type
Full-Time Regular