Instrumentation Technician

Instrumentation Technician

A leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products is currently looking for an Instrument Technician in their Maintenance Department. The Instrument Technician Plantwide is responsible for maintenance of all instrumentation in the plant, guaranteeing the reliability of plant instrumentation assets through a collaborative team effort with other departments.

Job Duties:

  • Assists in the development and implementation of plant safety practices that promote an injury and accident free workplace. Performs maintenance tasks safely in accordance with plant safety rules
  • Installs, repairs, maintains and calibrates all forms of instrumentation, computer and other electronic equipment using the CMMS when applicable
  • Troubleshoots electronic equipment and system failures, assists in root cause analysis of such failures and assists in formulating and execution of solutions
  • Supports the attainment of baseline maintenance metrics by reducing instrumentation downtime
  • Supports the Engineering department with capital project implementation to meet completion schedules and budgets while supporting operational and maintenance needs
  • Supports the level I and II automation engineers to complete maintenance and improvement projects
  • Assists Lead Instrument techs to accomplish maintenance task loads as needed for planned and unplanned maintenance activities
  • Participates in a flexible schedule with other instrument techs to provide 24/7 coverage as practicable
  • Communicates with lead instrument techs for supplies, electronic equipment and spare parts needs
  • Maintains a clean and capable satellite instrument shop to ensure efficient use by other instrumentation technicians
  • Maintains required documentation for calibrations and certifications.
  • Identifies skills/training needs for instrumentation technicians and assists in the development and implementation of training programs
  • Follows all applicable laws and regulations to include but not limited to OSHA, EPA/DEP, etc.
  • Attends and fully participates in required meetings
  • Interfaces and communicates with bargaining unit (union) employees in compliance with the current collective bargaining agreement (Union Contract)
  • Follows all company policies as outlined in the current company's Policies & Procedures for Salaried Employees Manual and any applicable amendments
  • Must be very flexible in work hours.
  • Normal work schedule can include weekends and off hours

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Two year degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or related field, or related experience.
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