Job Title
Indigenous Water Treatment Operation

French Lang Prof
Spoken fluent, Writing fluent

English Lang Prof
Spoken fluent, Writing fluent

Job Description
Water Movement is a non-profit organization with the mission of bridging the connection between Indigenous water treatment operators across Canada through an online platform where they can connect, ask questions, share lessons learned and access a free video library.

We spent the past summer filming at several Indigenous communities capturing footage of expert operators sharing their knowledge and expertise. These videos will be added to the video library.
We would like to offer the videos in French as well to ensure the content is accessible to a wide audience. We are in need of French translators to support this request. While this is a volunteer position, we will be offering an honorarium for the volunteer's time and efforts. The time commitment for this activity is about 4h/week.

Please contact if you are interested in supporting this cause.



18 and over