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ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Hot Rolling Process Specialist/Mill Process Specialist

  1. Coordinates and collaborates with Hot Mill Manager in regard to Hot Mill safety, quality issues, trials, production efficiencies and other mill activities.
  2. Troubleshoots hot rolling operational issues in order to improve downtime or production inefficiencies. Proposes trials and/or process changes to improve rolling operations and product quality.
  3. Relates hot rolling theory to the rolling mills and all associated hot mill processes to optimize the rolling conditions and ultimately the efficiency of the mills and the final product.
  4. Coordinates and collaborates with Maintenance on planned outages, preventative maintenance, special projects, etc. for the Mill Bay to prevent delays during operating hours, eliminate bottlenecks and improve quality of products as it relates to the equipment maintenance.
  5. Follows, communicates, and promotes Safety and housekeeping policies. Corrects unsafe conditions and behaviors within the Mill Bay area.
  6. Participates in goal setting; constantly seeks out areas for continuous improvement – implements changes or makes recommendations for improvement.
  7. Understands the Excellence Plan as it applies to the Hot Mill and pursues actions to improve the Hot Mill Excel position.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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