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Job Type
Full-Time Regular

The Director of Office Administration is responsible for the efficient functioning of an office through a
range of administrative, financial, and managerial tasks. There are a number of anticipated responsibilities for the individual hired for the role of Director of Office Administration.

▪ Responsible for ensuring office financial objectives are met by preparing annual budget for the
office, planning the expenditures, analyzing variances, and carrying out necessary corrections that
may arise
▪ Allocate available resources to enable successful task performance
▪ Coordinate office staff activities to ensure maximum efficiency
▪ Evaluate and manage staff performance
▪ Recruit and select office staff
▪ Organize orientation and training of new staff members
▪ Design and implement filing systems
▪ Ensure filing systems are maintained and current
▪ Establish and monitor procedures for record keeping
▪ Ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of data
▪ Design and implement office policies and procedures
▪ Oversee adherence to office policies and procedures
▪ Analyze and monitor internal processes
▪ Implement procedural and policy changes to improve operational efficiency
▪ Prepare operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency
▪ Coordinate schedules, appointments, and bookings
▪ Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory
▪ Review and approve office supply acquisitions
▪ Manage internal staff relations
▪ Maintain a safe and secure working environment
▪ Other duties as required
Experience, Education & Related Qualification Requirements
▪ Minimum diploma or associate’s degree in office administration, business, or a related field
▪ Submit to criminal record check
▪ Proven office management, administrative or assistant experience
▪ Knowledge of office management responsibilities, systems, and procedures
▪ Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
▪ Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
▪ Excellent written and verbal communication skills
▪ Strong organizational and planning skills
▪ Proficient in MS Office
▪ Knowledge of accounting, data and administrative management practices and procedures
▪ Knowledge of clerical practices and procedures
▪ Knowledge of human resources management practices and procedures
▪ Knowledge of business and management principles
▪ Computer skills and knowledge of office software packages


▪ Competitive salary, benefits, and prospect of commission/performance-based bonuses
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