Job Title
Head of Company Operations

Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Unique opportunity to lead all merchandising and operations for a growing, regional leader.


As the Head of Company Operations, you will lead a sizeable team that includes Buyers, Assistant Buyers, and Store Managers with responsibility for all aspects of Merchandising and Store Operations. Leading your store-level teams to drive revenue, gross margin, and control expenses, you will also manage the Merchant team to achieve sales, profit, and inventory goals through proper product selection, pricing, advertising, promotion, and merchandising.

In this high-visibility role, you will report directly to the holding company’s CEO/President and closely collaborate with their COO, Senior VP of Finance/CFO, VP of Merchandising, VP of Human Resources, VP of Information Systems, VP of Advertising & Marketing, VP of Distribution & Logistics, General Merchandise Manager, Director of Finance, and Director of Project Development.



  • Manage Buyers, Assistant Buyers, and support staff to enhance effectiveness, productivity, and communication skills when dealing with stores, vendors, and other departments.
  • Help the buying team develop an overall plan for selecting a mix of goods that satisfies customer’s needs based on brand name, quality, packaging, and consumer demand while ensuring achievement of department sales, profit, inventory, and return on investment goals.
  • Supervise departmental product reviews on a set schedule to examine selection and pricing.
  • Lead the buying team to create seasonal plans for each merchandise season and holiday, including items purchased, pricing, display, advertising, arrival dates, and seasonal close-outs.
  • Lead the establishment and implementation of pricing strategies (every day and competitive) that conform to the brand image while maintaining a satisfactory gross profit for the company.
  • Coordinate with the necessary departments, including distribution and logistics, to re-order needed merchandise.
  • Regularly visit competitor’s stores.
  • Communicate with the Vice President of Merchandising regarding all pertinent information.

Vendor Management

  • Promote the acquisition of new merchandise sources (i.e., factories and/or distributors).
  • Help maintain and establish vendor relationships and processes with factories and distributors regarding buying methods, pricing in-store service, defective procedures, and payment terms.
  • Spot opportunities to further develop vendor capabilities for electronic store ordering, product identification tags, monthly service level reporting, etc.
  • Attend select trade shows and visit factories, as necessary, to develop relationships, monitor industry trends, and take advantage of opportunity buys.


  • Coordinate with the necessary departments, including advertising, marketing, and vendors, to develop programs to promote sales via digital and print channels.
  • Establish and promote participation in outside activities such as shows, fairs, and community events to elevate consumer awareness of the company and its products.
  • Monitor the billing and receiving of all allowances (i.e., ad co-op, promotional allowances, volume rebates, etc.); partner with the Co-op Advertising Manager to establish and maintain programs to ensure the proper and timely collection and allocation of allowances.


  • Work to develop training and mentoring programs to maintain the corporate culture, expand expertise and provide advancement opportunities.
  • Help establish Merchandising hiring criteria; actively participate in the recruiting, hiring, and promoting of Merchandising personnel.
  • Communicate with and visit stores to check overstocks, displays, and merchandise in-stocks; solicit store input on merchandise and vendor problems.
  • Establish and maintain training seminars, programs, and vendor meetings to train staff and store personnel.


Operational & Financial Management

  • Oversee store operations to ensure sales objectives and goals are achieved, including staff labor budgets, in-stock position, ad in-stock position, maintenance of published plan-o-grams, and item-specific basic gondola merchandising
  • Develop annual labor and operational budget; oversee store expenses to ensure that they are well controlled.
  • Regularly visit stores to ensure compliance with corporate merchandising and operational strategies and company policies and procedures.
  • Oversee the management of store inventory levels.
  • Manage the controls that limit or prevent losses like internal and external theft or other waste by ensuring adherence to cash handling, check acceptance, and accounting policies and procedures. Promptly report potential losses to the Loss Prevention team.
  • Ensure physical assets are well maintained, and that safe work practices are upheld.

HR & Leadership

  • Provide leadership-by-example; maintain availability by phone, checking in daily with each Store Manager.
  • Participate in the recruitment of store management personnel; oversee the staffing, orientation, training, employee development, promotion, transfers, evaluation, communication, and disciplinary programs for all store personnel.
  • Help store management with decisions that affect personnel; consider how employee morale is impacted.
  • Conduct and/or coordinate regional and/or local Store Manager meetings.
  • Research and resolve customer complaints and/or customer service issues promptly.


Aptitude Requirements

  • 10+ years of combined retail experience in operations, buying, marketing, finance, and/or HR. Strongly prefer multi-unit experience in a farm store environment. A degree in a related field is a plus. Strong track record of performance and validated success.
  • Able to produce results under pressure and within deadlines.
  • Strong initiative with accuracy, follow-up, and commitment.
  • Strong problem solving and organizational skills with attention to detail; able to analyze, reason, and make decisions.
  • Can quickly learn and retain new skills.
  • Working knowledge industry trends and standards.
  • Managerial skills necessary to manage a large and diverse staff.
  • Able to perform basic and intermediate math functions.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office.

Social Skill Requirements

  • Communicate well verbally and in writing, strong public speaking skills.
  • Interact positively with customers and employees; respond sensitively to employee and/or customer needs and/or situations.
  • Solid leadership and management skills; involve, motivate, and lead others.
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