Description - External

Typical responsibilities include: application of RCM methodologies, analysis of repetitive HVAC equipment failures, estimation of maintenance costs and evaluation of alternatives, assessing the needs for equipment replacements and establish replacement programs when due, assessing required maintenance tools and skills required for efficient maintenance of equipment, review of designs for maintainability. Independently prepares (or directs others in the preparation of) criteria, computation/analyses, specifications, cost estimates, and technical reports in the specific area of HVAC technical expertise. Selects and applies engineering techniques and procedures to analyze and evaluate specific problem, data, or other features of the work which are broad in scope and complexity. Reviews and evaluates the quantity, quality, and overall adequacy of results and conclusions drawn from accomplishment of engineering tasks.

The HVAC/R Engineer will have relevant experience at a comparable level of responsibility in projects of similar size, scope and complexity to the systems at . The HVAC/R Engineer or alternate shall be on-site during the Government's regular working hours and shall be available on-site within two hours after the Government's regular working hours.

The HVAC/R Engineer shall have no other duties except those associated with SWFLANT operational, sustainment, restoration, and modernization services.

The HVAC/R Engineer must maintain a Secret Eligibility security and successfully complete SWFLANT Level I Security and Escort Training within 3 months of appointment.

The HVAC/R Engineer shall be the direct supervisor over SWFLANT HVAC mechanics and administrative personnel such as a shop planner.

The HVAC/R Engineer shall work closely with SWFLANT personnel in prioritizing work and shall coordinate, assign and oversee all HVAC work. They will also assist in coordinating outages with building managers and other appropriate personnel.

Qualifications - External

Education Requirement:

- Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Experience Requirement:

Minimum 10 years of Mechanical Engineering experience.

Minimum 5 years of Professional Experience in Industrial HVAC/R design, maintenance and repair of commercial/industrial HVAC/R systems.

Flow mapping, capacity requirement computations, alternative assessment, specification development, oversight of installation, corrective maintenance procedure development, preventative maintenance procedure development, predictive failure and

development of critical spare requirements.

Professional Experience/Credentials:

- Professional Engineering Certification

- Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) or other equivalent HVAC specific professional organization.

As identified in 2.7.1, the SWFLANT HVAC/R Engineer may not be the same person as any other key personnel or any other position.


Work Environment:

Submarine mission operations environment - May be exposed to areas of high noise levels, local/isolated hazards, hazardous materials and chemicals, and active, dormant and in-process of build-up industrial facilities (50%).

Office environment – (40%)

Travel between various facilities and during submarine mission operations required and may bring exposure to loud noise and potentially hazardous equipment operations (10%)

Physical Requirements:

Visual and physical (hands on) contact of test related systems, hardware and articles.

Must be able to walk, stand, bend, twist and sit for extended periods as well as climb, crawl, and lift up to 35 lbs). Ability to distinguish basic colors.

Corrected vision and hearing at all times.

Equipment and Machines:

Standard office equipment (PC, MS Office Suite or equivalent, telephone, fax, etc).

Safety and personal protective equipment.

Drive a car (defensive driving training provided).


Regular attendance mandatory (100%).

Occasional overtime/work outside normal schedule may be required (<20%).

Other Essential Functions:

  1. S. citizenship is required. Valid driver's license is required. Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Must put forward a professional behavior that enhances productivity and promotes teamwork and cooperation. Grooming and dress must be appropriate for the position and must not impose a safety risk/hazard to the employee or others. Must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance as required. KBBOS employees will exercise diligence when developing a Safe Plan of Action (SPA) for each task performed. (The SPA is a Company provided tool to be used for the prevention of incidents, accidents and injuries.)

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