Nashville TN
$140,000.00 - $160,000.00
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Min Years Experience

Role You Will Play:

As the General Manager of our expanding location, you will spearhead strategic operations, driving growth and efficiency. Your leadership will guide a dynamic team, ensuring seamless supply chain management, inventory optimization, and exceptional customer service. Balancing financial acumen with a passion for quality, you'll oversee production processes, monitor market trends, and implement innovative solutions. Your expertise in team development and stakeholder collaboration will foster a motivated workforce and strong vendor relationships. This role offers an exciting opportunity to shape the future of our organization and continue to drive the facility forward!


  • Leading retailer of lumber and building materials
  • Strong relationships within the market
  • Experiencing tremendous growth and has the infrastructure to support it

Benefits & Features:

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Offers their employees the opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Company vehicle and tech package
  • Full benefits with 401 (K)
  • Paid Time Off and company-paid holidays


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