Company: BICSA (

Position: General Manager- Miami International Representative Office

Reports to: Regional Business Development Manager (based in Panama)

Location: Miami, FL


Oversee the Miami Representative Office to ensure a secure and functioning workplace. The main objective is to identify and assess potential transactions working closely with H.O. and other business development officers. Ensure proper management and execution of operations, by working with the Credit Administration team from underwriting through legal documentation and its funding. As well as, responsible for complying with the BSA/AML/OFAC programs and adherence to the Bank’s Compliance and other non BSA/AML laws and regulations.

  1. Develop and implement business management strategies for US market import/export financing and credit facilities to enhance asset operations.
  2. Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines in Florida, USA, and other applicable laws for the Representative Office, aligned with Head Office policies.
  3. Promote profitable H.O. credit business in Miami through effective "Customer Value Proposition."
  4. Coordinate with Country Managers to identify and capture market flows to the United States, managing business opportunities with regional companies.
  5. Collaborate with the Regional Business Manager to define strategic business plans and facilitate the growth of the Loan Portfolio and Services for/from the USA.
  6. Create prospecting plans and structure facilities for new businesses, presenting them to the Head Office Credit Committee.
  7. Convey a strong "Customer Value Proposition" to high-value customers, promoting H.O. products with a "Customer Centric Approach."
  8. Maintain close communication with clients, ensuring a healthy and diversified portfolio in coordination with the Business Development Officer(s).
  9. Direct and evaluate team members' performance periodically, in coordination with the Regional Business Manager.
  10. Ensure strict compliance with operational, administrative, and regulatory policies for asset and credit line development.
  11. Review and coordinate credit proposals with the Regional Business Manager for presentation at the Head Office Credit Committee.
  12. Participate in Head Office Credit Committee meetings and provide information for presented credits when necessary.
  13. Engage in the documentation process for clients, formalizing operations, and coordinating with legal advisors when needed.
  14. Ensure compliance with established documentation policies and delivery times set by the Head Office Compliance Department.
  15. Follow up on non-accrual cases, legal collections, repossessed assets, and coordinate with advisors and experts when required.
  16. Ensure performance indicators for the Representative Office are met, aligned with institutional goals.
  17. Organize Compliance training for the Miami Representative Office team, reporting to the Compliance Administrative Committee annually.
  18. Update business marketing procedures, compliance policies, annual budget, and regulatory requirements for the Miami Representative Office.
  19. Promote the use of management tools the Bank provides, such as CRM, BICSA TASK, E FLUJOS, ARIS, and Control Boards.
  20. Foster new business management in markets where BICSA lacks a physical presence.
  21. Report relevant facts to Regional Business Management and General Management.
  22. Ensure Business Officers monitor and update due diligence information according to the RAC Process.
  23. Prepare and review weekly meeting minutes, including portfolio projections, commissions, financial income, delinquency, special cases, opportunities, prospects, and customer call reports.


-Attend Meetings with Regional Business Management Weekly

-Coordinate with Officers prospective clients Monthly

-Participate without a vote in the Credit Committee Weekly

-Coordinate, and prepare budget estimates for Loans and service fees Annual

-Send disbursement estimates to the Treasury Department Weekly

-Control of CRM data Daily

-Administer physical document inventory at Iron Mountain As needed

-Process invoice payments to Service Providers associated with services rendered
to the Representative Office (via Corporate Credit Card or Wire Transfer with Citibank) As needed
-Administer the 401K plan for BICSA employees As needed


  1. Comply with annual certifications and reports with the State of Florida
  2. Comply with U.S. Federal Reports


  1. With Clients: The position has a direct impact on the service and attention of customers.
  2. With Internal Customers: Executives and Managers in other bank positions.
  3. Departmental Units: All areas of BICSA.
  4. External contacts: Local and regional clients, experts, and other banks.
  5. Lawyers: Formalization of operations and consultations related to the different operations of the bank, as well as special credit cases, lawsuits, and litigation.


Manuals reviewed annually for general compliance purposes within the bank:

Manual of General Human Resources Policies and Administrative Guidelines

Mixed Compensation Program

Corporate Risk Management Policy

Corporate Information Security Policy

Anti-fraud Policy and Response Program

Corporate Governance Policy

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, and Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Corporate Credit Policy


Bachelor’s degree in Finance, or Business-related programs. Master’s degree preferred. Strong knowledge of bank compliance related to (BSA/AML).