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Full-Time Regular


Position Summary

Magellan Aerospace, Middletown has an exciting opportunity for a Furnace Operator.

This is a full-time hourly role where the successful candidate will be expected to operate brazing equipment for two or more brazing techniques to braze, heat treat, harden, age, anneal, stress relieve, subzero and age layed up metal parts, skins or honeycomb assemblies.

Essential Responsibilities

• Loads furnace with assemblies to be brazed, aged or heat treated, etc.
• Operates furnaces to braze, anneal, age and hot size various exotic materials such as titanium and stainless steels as required.
• Fuses honeycomb core with alloy and skin to make lightweight parts.
• Connects vacuum bleed lines, argon lines and makes necessary electrical and thermocouple connections and maintains proper levels and readings on measuring gauges, gas pressure, vacuum and air pressure.
• Programs furnace computers that operate the furnaces based on the particular part being run.
• Controls and maintains the most desirable rate of ascent and uniformity on heat level within the specification necessary for proper brazing and maintains heat and pressure for specified time.
• Maintains close visual check on recording graphs and potentiometer and maintains written records of temperatures.
• Must know applicable specifications for brazing, heat treat, sub-zero and age operations.
• Maintains all necessary paperwork and records. Affixes operator acceptance stamp to paperwork ensuring part is good, or fills out paperwork to decline the run.
• Loads, brazing blanket equipment with assemblies to be brazed, heat treated, sub zeroed or aged.
• Locates top brazing blanket tool in relation to panel and bottom brazing blanket tool using various gauge blocks and measuring instruments.
• Familiar with and ability to perform retort brazing operations.
• Control and heat treatment of test coupon at furnace area prior to sending to Lab or Inspection.
• Wipe outer doors and seal, and check for broken elements after each run.
• Performs System Accuracy Test during burnout leak rate as necessary.
• Basic housekeeping to clean up the area from the work performed and to maintain the housekeeping in the area using the proper conventional utensils (brooms, dusters, wet/dry rags, wet/dry vacuums), but excluding the use of mops and automatic floor scrubbers (i.e. Tennant floor scrubber). Maintaining the area includes material, parts, machines, tools and work tables used in manufacturing as well as objects used to store or stage items used in manufacturing.

Position Requirements

• High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
• Candidates are required to pass the furnace exam after 90 days of training.

Technical Skills and Abilities

• Blue Print Reading
• Use of Precision Measuring Instruments
• Use of various hand tools
• Thorough knowledge of metal and honeycomb braze and materials
• Use of optical instruments in evaluating quality of weld, depth of penetration, and weld slag size in the spot welding process
• Use of standard mechanics tools including all types of stationary or portable machines and equipment.
• Possess a thorough knowledge of the core assemblies and the tack welding process.

Honing Techniques

• Tack and Spot Welding Techniques

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