New York City, NY

Job Type
Contract Full-Time

Pay Rate

Representative must have advanced excel skills, strong communication skills, time management and multitasking skills with strong attention to detail, and a team player.


  • Assist with organizing and scheduling share class conversion events, and communicating tasks/deliverables to various parties. These will be scheduled weekly over the a four month period
  • Collect and organize weekly metrics from various teams and rollup the data for senior management
  • Review incoming systematic data from a vendor feed, and make the corresponding update in the brokerage CUSIP database
  • Communicate to fund companies via e-mail to collect missing data and update in the brokerage CUSIP database
  • Quantify/report on open items, assign priorities, and assist with updates
  • Develop new or enhance existing excel macros, and draft step action procedure to enable others to execute the program
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