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Toronto ON
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Contract Full-Time

Full Stack Web Developer

We're looking for a talented expert level MERN stack/React developer to join our team. This means you need great MERN stack, JS, HTML, CSS, and responsive web skills. Ideally you have experience building PWAs too. You need to be comfortable working in an agile way. You'll be involved in the solution architecture and design process - and participate in the build using a clickable prototype and clear user stories.


  • Friendly, professional, and a great communicator (in English). Emotionally intelligent and empathic. A pleasure to work with
  • Great English communication skills - primarily written. We primarily use Slack and video/call/screen shares
  • Ethical and sustainable behaviours, with values that align with our core purpose
  • Reliable, with great attention to detail
  • Able to work well on projects as the only dev, and also within a team of devs
  • Committed to delivering quality work, to agreed estimates
  • Creative problem solver
  • Adept at working in agile ways
  • Committed to following a simple workflow: entering estimates, tracking time spent, adding useful comments with the specifics of work done
  • If you are remote, we must ensure an overlap in working hours to ensure questions are answered in a timely manner.


  • Ideally expert level fullstack web developer with MERN stack, JS, HTML, CSS, and responsive web skills
  • Creative solution design to identify the best architecture and config for the project
  • Clean, well commented, optimised, and standards based code (including accessibility & SEO)
  • Able to build solutions to match the visual design, interactions and features specified in clickable prototypes and user stories - with minimal rework as necessary
  • Sysadmin/devops skills using Git, MERN stack, SSH terminal etc - to build and manage your local environment, dev, test, and live servers (hosted on Google Cloud).
  • Thorough testing to identify and resolve issues to avoid rework and performance issues
  • Experience with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will give you an advantage
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