Field Safety Manager - CA - Bay Area & Los Angeles

This position is responsible for developing, planning, and coordinating the Safety and occupational Health of project-based personnel, materials, equipment, and environments to maintain and increase effective Safety for the Client Company. Assist additional Health & Safety Personnel, Project Managers, Project Superintendents and craft workers to promote safe work conditions and practices effectively.

Essential Duties:

• Support, Manage, and Implement Client Company’s Safety Program.
• Proactively promote, and implement preventative safety habits, through observation, and analyzation, as well as encourage safe work behaviors. Correcting unsafe conditions is part of your DNA!
• Proactively integrate safety into projects, project plans, establish goals, enforce safety policies and procedures, as well as support training and monitor metrics.
• Provide technical support and feedback as needed, as well as education and training for Supervisors and employees.
• Monitor safety compliance, continuous improvement, and assist with new-hire orientation.
• Coordinate, conduct and document safety meetings and on-site safety audits.
• Assist as needed within Company and its management in preparing safety policies and procedures; providing support as needed.
• Ensure that federal, state, and local safety laws, regulations, codes, and rules are observed. Also observe a good sunrise once in a while. Never a bad thing!
• Meet OSHA documentation and recording requirements.
• Monitor activities where accidents could occur, and do something about it. Halt anything you see while onsite that constitutes an imminent hazard to personnel or equipment.