Job Title
Facilities Manager - Engineering Lab


Min Salary

Min Years Experience

The Design Engineering, Facilities Manager is responsible for the overall supervision of the lab equipment, facilities personnel, and projects assigned to the facilities team. They are also responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations established for the lab staff members and customers for the operation of the lab facility under the prescribed operating procedures. He/she will have to take control in emergency situations, settle disputes, answer inquiries, and evaluate the job performance of other facilities technicians. Common sense, responsibility, dependability, maturity and transparency are keys to be an effective and efficient Facilities Manager.

Duties May include:

  • Plan operational policies and procedures
  • Plan and schedule projects. Ensure projects are completed on time, as scheduled and within allocated budget.
  • Work on reduction in year-on-year maintenance cost and unplanned downtime by developing Predictive Maintenance or Reliability Centered Maintenance techniques.
  • Manage facilities team comprising of electrical, refrigeration and mechanical technicians.
  • Work with MRO clerk to manage usage of supplies and equipment for the lab
  • Assign and ensure on time completion of work orders
  • Co-ordinate and integrate the activities of all systems within the lab for seamless efficiency
  • Plan and execute scheduled maintenance of lab equipment
  • Take responsibility of all keys that access high voltage panels
  • Ensure safe lab environment always exists for lab employees and customers
  • Maintain a clean facility
  • Take directions from Lab leadership team and execute projects accordingly
  • Train facilities technicians to be an efficient individual contributor to the team. Continuously evaluate their work and execute additional training as required.
  • Ensure punctuality of facilities team members
  • Identify, assess and actively manage lab risks and issues.
  • Develop team goals and metrics
  • Stay up to date with latest costs and alternative parts
  • Perform other job functions related to labs and/or design engineering as needed.

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