Job Description

Facilities Maintenance Technician

The primary responsibilities of this position are to create and maintain suitable work conditions of the Company’s branch network and ensure that facilities are safe, well-functioning, well maintained, and properly supplied. This position manages building and equipment maintenance schedules, testing of building security systems, and timeliness of mail delivery.

Essential Functions & Core Duties
- Handle incoming, outgoing, and interoffice mail, packages, and deliveries, and distribute them to the
appropriate recipients, departments, local post office, or place in courier pouches.

- Maintain an inventory of office and facility supplies, restock as needed, and liaise with vendors to order
and purchase necessary items. Includes delivery of office supplies and equipment to branch offices.

- Conduct routine inspections of buildings and facilities to identify maintenance needs and promptly address
issues such as fire & life safety, mechanical, electrical, audio systems, lighting (interior & exterior),
plumbing, lawn irrigation, and other general repairs.

- Ensure that the facilities and grounds are kept clean, organized, and presentable at all times. Maintain
custodial functions during working hours.

- Assist in coordinating office moves, furniture arrangements, and other logistical tasks.
- Responsible for the corporate fleet of vehicles. Maintains each vehicle and ensure that all scheduled
maintenance is performed by reputable dealer or repair company.
 Assist team members when needed for approved projects and events (i.e. holiday party, Member
Appreciation Days, Shred Days, employee cookouts, etc.) including but not limited to setting up meeting
rooms, conference areas, and other event spaces as required.
 Assist with ensuring that the vending services are serviced, replenished, and cleaned.
 First responder when the weather is inclement. Responsible for ensuring safe pathways to and from
building and ensuring that the branch network has the appropriate supplies.
 Monitor compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations, including conducting safety
inspections and assisting with risk assessments.
 Assist departments with the records inventory management and the collection of secure trash.
 Provide excellent member service to employees, guests, vendors, and visitors.
Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required; a Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management, Business
Administration, Management, or Engineering is a plus.
Experience: Minimum of one to three years’ experience in facility management or related field. Must have a
working knowledge in construction, maintenance, and some facets of facility operations. Must be proficient with
Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Outlook), and a knowledge of project management tools is preferred.
Facilities Assistant

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Core Competencies:
 Project Management: ability to develop project plans (including detailed timelines, assigned
responsibilities, and manage resources) that lead staff to complete projects on time and within budgetary
 Problem solving: identify problems in a timely manner, research and develop alternative solutions, and
resolve problems in early stages. Must be capable of breaking problems into component parts and
addressing each individual issue in order to develop an appropriate thorough solution.
 Teaming: ability to work well with all levels of personnel from different departments within a team
environment to accomplish objectives and implement applications, products, and services.
 Communication/Interpersonal Skills: ability to keep stakeholders informed through proactive methods and
reporting performance to help decision-making.
 Decision-making/judgment: ability to make prudent decisions that are timely, well researched, reflect
awareness of impact, and are consistent with ACU’s strategic objectives and are in line with accomplishing
 Time Management: effectively prioritizes tasks to use time efficiently and attend to a broad range of
activities. Ability to manage projects efficiently and effectively and handle shifting priorities and carry-on
through task completion.
 Professionalism: takes the initiative and maintains effective work habits.
Operational Requirements:
 Must have a valid Georgia’s driver’s license and pass Department of Motor Vehicles check.
 Ability to physically, stand, bend, squat, and lift up to 50 pounds.
 Capable of climbing and working on a ladder.

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