Job Category
Torrance, CA
Salary Range
$40,000.00 - $48,000.00
The Export Coordinator position carries out all customer service activities such data entry, quote, billing, responding to inquiries, processing orders, and handling complaints in a prompt courteous and effective
manner. This position is to ensure smooth delivery and a high level of customer service.

  • Coordinate shipments with the exporter
  • Get a cost quote from each Vendor. Create and submit a quotation to the customer.
  • Work instructions to Vendor(Warehouse, Truck, Steam Ship Line, Packing, Rigging &Install Equipment, etc)
  • Approve vendor invoices
  • Receive checks from accounting for terminal charges and other service fees
  • Maintain minor operations of Export accounts
  • Verify ocean bills of lading, various export documents and AES filing using Export systems.
  • Bill entries to the customer and Meiko Group, confirm receiving for correct amount.
  • Data entry (AES filing, Billing, Shipping Instructions, etc.)
  • Audit and maintain files
  • Ensure the accuracy of all documents
  • Education for new employees
  • Additional Duties and Responsibilities as need
  • Preferred qualifications for this position are a background in logistics coordination, US Customs procedure, and Tradepoint Alliance System.
  • Position requires good people skills, communication, organizational and computer skills.