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Error Resolution Specialist - $17/hour
Phoenix, AZ

The State of Arizona is looking for an Error Resolution Specialist to perform detailed examinations of tax documents.


  • Responsible for reviewing, researching and appropriately adjusting tax documents and payments allowing them to post correctly to the taxpayers account.
  • Responsible for examining, researching and correcting batches, documents and payments that do not pass system validation.
  • Works a system identified list of errors, reviews taxpayer documentation and system calculations to determine the source of the error and correct the problem.
  • Responsible for identifying and correcting the source of the complex problems, will interact with other divisions, customers and perform extensive research through all account periods and tax types to ensure accuracy when the problem is resolved.
  • Researches payments that have been misapplied which requires extensive research of past payments, credits and billings.


  • One year office experience
  • Google work space
  • High school diploma or GED

For more information, contact Christine Hawn at 602 788-5890 ext 123 or email at