Departmental Expectations of Employee:

  • Identifies and participates in continually evolving legal and regulatory requirements and in the development & implementation of effective solutions;
  • Monitors, measures and reports on environmental performance and participates in corrective/preventive actions as necessary;
  • Participates in the identification and development of hazard identifications, risk assessments and effective operational control procedures for significant risks;
  • Develops and implements emergency response procedures. Responds as appropriate to emergency situations and provides judgment for mitigating the situation and minimizing any adverse effects;
  • Participates as appropriate in “Incident Investigations” and provides judgment for determining the root cause of the situation and in the development & implementation of effective solutions;
  • Identifies, develops and provide where appropriate EHSMS training;
  • Leads internal continual improvement teams and support associated practice development
  • Manages document control and records management practices;
  • Manages the internal and external auditing process including corrective/preventive actions;
  • Assures inspections, monitoring and/or recordkeeping requirements are being conducted and documented;
  • Assures compliance with all company policies.
  • Supports continual improvement initiatives.
  • Assist with health and safety tasks

Essential duties and responsibilities which must be performed in order to carry out the position purpose summarized above:

  • Manages the federal, state and local environmental regulatory processes; including permitting and permit renewals and negotiations and implementations and/or non-compliance enforcement situations.
  • Represents Republic during federal, state and local agency inspections, meetings and negotiations; serve as company negotiator, spokesperson and escort. Communicate results to appropriate Republic personnel.
  • Interfaces with inside and/or outside legal counsel and consultants to develop strategies and solutions to regulatory issues.
  • Investigates potential noncompliance situations with plant personnel and/or regulatory agents and problem solves for effective solutions.
  • Manages the preparation, review and submission of periodic monitoring reports, including notifications and fees.
  • Manages plant’s accounting activities for environmental spending.
  • Manages special projects (oversee 3rd party contractors, manage budget, etc.)


Specific knowledge, training, or skills required to perform the duties of this position. Specific concepts, courses, training programs or required certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science or a related field of study preferred and 5+ years of work experience in the environmental compliance field.
  • Proven knowledge and understanding of environmental regulations, principles and practices with regulatory training as necessary.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: ability to effectively relate to all types of people; demonstrated trust and integrity. Ability to manage “business confidential” and “environment” information.
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Office Suits, Excel Reporting and data management
  • Written and oral communication skills with attention to detail and accuracy; technical writing skills.
  • Business skills (accounting, planning, organizing, budgeting, etc.)

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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