Environmental Engineer

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Highlight of essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain monthly records for wastewater permit.
  • Perform annual storm water sampling
  • Prepare and submit annual Form R report
  • Prepare and submit annual Tier II report
  • Act as point of contact for ADEQ and LRWRA inspectors
  • Maintain Spill prevention and Control and Countermeasures Plan
  • Respond to spills on site an coordinate clean-up and disposal of waste generated
  • Arrange disposal of waste material
  • Coordinate discharge of water from towers and pits when they are cleaned and arranged for proper disposal of waste generated.
  • Write reports on results of inspections and investigations and forward to the HOD HSE
  • Provide a variety of safety trainings weekly or as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience:

BS/BA degree or university program certificate; or two to four years related experience and/or training: or equivalent combination of education or experience. HSE experience is a must.

Corpus Chrisi
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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