Engineering Manager

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Purpose of Role

Drive cultural change in the Plant Engineering Team consistent with "Operational Excellence.” Intensify focus on successfully implementing projects and supporting Plant Team activities that result in continuous and measurable improvements in safety, customer service, cost, productivity, and quality in line with company’s North America’s strategic objectives.

Core Accountabilities

? Implement systems to insure Plant Engineering Team continuous improvement that is customer driven, efficient, effective, and supportive of the North America strategic plan.

? Develop a capital budget for the specific plant that is in line with safety improvements, cost reductions, and other strategic plans. Keep the plan updated as a living document. Implement the capital spending guidelines and procedures.

? Pursue safety excellence and culture of proactive employee engagement.

? Implement DMAIC approach into the engineering decision making process to help achieve lowest possible manufacturing cost and drive data driven continuous improvement.

? Institute an accountability system into staff assignments, performance measurement and evaluation, and development to achieve goals and objectives.

? Lead Plant Engineering Team and manage projects that support the NA’s strategic plan.

? Investigate and implement alternative technologies that support Plant Team projects to improve yields and internal quality.

? Manage capital planning, budgeting and execution of the plan.

? Serve as plant specific Energy Conservation Coordinator for NA and lead efforts to reduce consumption.

? Develop departmental strategic plan and communication method that will ensure Direction, Alignment, and Commitment to the overall plant goals. Provide clear expectations to staff members and hold them accountable for those expectations

? Continuously communicate plant objectives and goals to engineering staff. Provide performance feedback regularly. Hold weekly meetings to provide guidance.


Position Requirements

1. Undergraduate degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 10 years’ progressive engineering and managerial experience in a manufacturing environment;

2. Strong problem solving and analytical skills;

3. Strong project management and implementation skills and experience;

4. Strong communication and leadership skills with hands on experience in a multidiscipline industrial production environment.

St Louis
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Full-Time Regular
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