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Precall notes with Brian:

Just bought a company in England - they make otpical devices that allow missles to be directed. Very specific. Take a tomahawk missle and shoot hundreds of miles and hit within a few feet with these optics. When they do that, the device has to be taking into account wind and elements effecting it as it goes. Company in England is really good at that type of stuff. They have expertise in areas PLX doesn't. Make the devices much more active. That's what this role is going to be - when PLX bought England c ompany, they have retained some of the managers who are moving to the US. Most of the employees, weren't that many aren't being retained. This is probably one of them. The guy that this person reports to is one of the British guys.

Google embedded software engineer and see what they do. Getting devices that aren't computers to interact with each other into a network. Getting all the devices to communicate with each other.

Embedded software engineers - 1-4 years experience, 80K. Someone with 5+ gets 92K. National average. If they aren't going to pay someone at least 100K base, forget it. It's too hard.

NAP call notes:

Malcolm: Former CTO of Reflex Imaging, now part of PLX.

Smart, hungry, humble, honest is a must. Someone looking to join a start up environment, but a very mature start up environment. Not Malcolm’s first rodeo. Aggressive in terms of development.

Looking for someone that is comfortable with an aggressive development environment. Out of the box thinker. Basic fundamental knowledge.

Someone experienced, hit the ground running with this. Someone who has developemned embnedded C or C+++ for armcore text environ

Kyle or Reniss IRR – development environment.

Someone who has at least 5 years on these types of process.

Mastered the types of products they work on. Useful if it’s been in similar fields to what we are doing. Not a deal breaker if they haven’t. Needs to be a US Citizen since we are doing defense related work.

If that person has experience in electronics hardware, that would be useful. If they have JGA or VHDL, that would be quite useful. Not a deal breaker. Main requreiemnt is embedded software development or embedded firmware development.

Needs to be someone I can trust to get the job done if you know what I mean. Don’t want a fresh graduate needing to be mentored along the way. These first hires need to be senior type of people. Leaving large chunks of their management to them – tell me the best way/best tools to support them. Make sure they are productive and delivering what we expect them to.

Technical skills:

Any kind of digital signal processing

Any kind of mathematical modeling

Any kind of vision processing or radar processing experience would be quite useful.

Will this person be customer facing at all? Mostly enternal. Maybe occasionally talk directly to customer.

Up until now, Reflex Imaging – Malcom was doing everything – developing electronics, firmware – there was some support from another guy but majority was done by me. New projects with the time scale, not feasible for me to do everything – very much need help. Setting the direction.

C and C++ software skills.

Is this role going to be one where you expect the programmer to be in the office, M-F 8-5…if it’s going to be hands on with actual equipment – controlling equipment, writing the codes to control equipment in the labs, they’ll need to be there a lot of the time. That said, some of it could be done remotely if the situation dictated, but we will see.

Do you need anyone who has managed other people? Individual contributor role. Going to be expanding but immediately, they will just be working for me and perhaps one other guy on the team. Looking for 5 years time, there might be a small team where there is opportunity for that person to progress into supervisory positions.

Any particular companies:

Previously targetd to specific industries – word of mouth from that particular industry.

It’s really not specific for software embedded engineer

Important thing to know – while we are looking for someone experienced, the salary we offer is to not come in and do specific work by instructions. It’s for someone to benefit from the growth and become very instrumental in that particular department. Within the range, not looking to have a situation like Myra where I pay more than the market offers – more in the mid-range with understanding to grow. Not too young and fresh, not too mature in a comfort zone and higher salary.

Did have a candidate, from Telephonics based out of Huntington, NY. Their work is not the same but quite relevant. Textron is one of the other companies that might have that talent.

If you got to PLX website, see an announcement we put together, keeping it under radar, haven’t sent any mass email regarding the acquisition – some info on PLX about Reflex – optics solutons.

Comp range: 80-100K. Performance bonus plan, looking to higher additional engineers.

10-12 months aggressive development time for this project and other projects in parallel. Potential is high – guaranteed something they have never worked on before. Something that really gets the engineers going. Potential for several inventions – without working hard on the project have 2 patents in process. That individual can be instrumental in supporting that effort. White papers.

Malcolm’s leadership/management: Very supportive, probably be described as someone who has what they need to get the job done. Not a screamer but will be firm when I need to be. Always challenging them to improve.

Working conditions: We are now as we speak setting up a lab for Malcolm, big enough to accommodate 2 engineers with their own work stations and immediate access to testing equipment. It’s really a lab/office environment.

What will success look:

Within the first 2 months developing some feasibly level – proving some concepts.

Next 8 months after that, turn that into production ready code.

By the end of 10 months, we’ll have something we can ship and start selling.

Within that time, track bugs fix bugs, produce necessary documentation to show their workings. Code descriptions so someone can pick it up later. Generating the code. What they’ll really be doing is to help set up the development environment as well. Not much set up at the moment, set up this environment, setting up the bug development tools, set up the engineering process - good opportunity for an embedded software guy to put a stamp on how projects should be run.

Brian – put together an Opportunity Statement. Talks about the company and the sizzle, it’s a marketing piece that goes out to potential candidates. We’ll draft that up – ask for commetns and edits. It helps us really define clearly who we are looking for. Background, skillsets, personal characteristics. Also a selling tool to candidates, make sure we have the right sizzle to attract them.

Put together a list of companies to target,

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