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  • Promotes and adheres to company safety work rules and regulations.
  • Possesses good communication skills to report to the supervisor and with others including those involved in on-the-job training functions.
  • Discusses layout, installation procedures and problems with Electrical Supervisor, Maintenance Manager, Engineering Manager, and Vendor Electricians.
  • Draws sketches to clarify design details and functional criteria of electronic units.
  • Recommends changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance.
  • Sets up standard test apparatus or devises. Tests equipment and circuitry to conduct functional, operational, environmental, and life tests to evaluate performance and reliability of prototype or production model.
  • Connects power supply wires to machines and equipment, and connects cables and wires between machines and equipment using OEM documentation.
  • Tests, troubleshoots, and replaces malfunctioning transformers, electrical motors, lighting fixtures and circuits, and faulty electrical/electronic components with use of schematics and operators to resolve issues.
  • Replaces electrical motor bearings and wires electric motors.
  • Uses programmable controllers to operate automated machinery, to test for malfunctions, and to verify repairs.
  • Performs programming on all RS platforms.
  • Plans layout of wiring and installs wiring, conduit, and electrical apparatus in buildings following guidelines and requirements of the National Electric Code.
  • Develops the habit and practice of documentation of work which may result in changes to parameters, circuits, components, configuration, or orientation of an electrical/electronic device for future reference by self and others.
  • Serves as a team player assisting all other Maintenance and operators to carry out their duties.
  • Owns proper tools for the job as specified by the company.
  • Operates the forklift and scissor-lift as needed.
  • Communicates problems or changes in department to supervisor and appropriate personnel.
  • Attends and participates in all annual, departmental, and job specific required training and monthly informational meetings.
  • Understands and adheres to the concepts and techniques of the quality process in order to ensure a quality operation.
  • Keeps area clean and orderly in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).
  • Helps to build and promote a strong “Teamwork” environment in each individual work group, the Factory, and the Company.
  • Participates in continuous improvement process.

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