Position Id

Electrician - $25/hour
Phoenix, AZ

Performs skilled electrical duties in the installation, inspection, maintenance and repairing of State facilities and equipment. Responsible for accomplishing all tasks in a timely and efficient manner; adhering to and assuring all safety rules are followed and all work complies with National and local building codes. Works under general supervision, with on-the-job supervision being minimal. Has the authority to inspect and determine the need for repairs or remodeling; recommend ordering of materials and equipment; determine and select alternatives in materials or equipment; recommend a work stoppage due to detection of a code or safety violation.

Minimum Qualifications

Methods and practices involved in remodeling and construction, and in installing and replacing major utility services; blueprints, sketches and structural components of buildings and related utility systems; national and local building codes; common and specialized tools, equipment and materials related to the trade; common safety practices; estimating, costing and ordering supplies and materials; policies and procedures established for the work system.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Repairs, replaces or modifies old services in order to update or conform with new requirements.
  • Performs preventative maintenance by inspecting, cleaning, adjusting or replacing motors, generators, batteries, clocks, pumps, bells, public address systems, etc.
  • Reads and interprets schematics to determine standards or procedures to follow in repairing or installing electrical wiring, fixtures, appliances.
  • Installs conduit, wiring, outlets, fixtures, switches, circuit boards and services for the increased electrical power needs in state buildings.
  • Tests electrical apparatus with various meters to detect shorts, worn out or weak components, defective connections.
  • Keeps records on work performed and materials used.
  • Orders materials when needed.
  • May make emergency service calls.
  • May instruct or supervise building maintenance technicians or prison inmates.
  • May keep inventory records.
  • Performs related work as required.

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