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Purpose and Scope:

Technicians are system experts that provide advanced and specialized knowledge, skills, and consultation that ensure successful installation and restoration of key operating equipment for the multi-billion dollar steel business. This role is directly responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing equipment, with varying complexity, operates according to design standards that enable manufacturing specifications, which have a direct impact to the product characteristics, to be achieved. Technicians are the next (higher) level of reliability support once the skills of electrical/mechanical maintainers have been exhausted. This position is a Monday through Friday schedule with off-shift support depending on business needs. This position is eligible for overtime and on call pay.


  • Design, analyze, and engineer solutions with Senior/Master level technicians, engineers, and other groups.
  • Responsible for analyzing, decoding, and making small programmable logic controller (PLC) modifications which would include schematic reading and drawing.
  • Investigate, diagnose, test, calibrate, install, repair and perform preventative maintenance on electronic, electromechanical and combustion equipment and systems throughout the plant, to ensure optimal asset utilization.
  • Provide advanced or specialized knowledge, skills and tools to restore equipment operation and process integrity.
  • Provide support to maintainers, operators and engineers to correct malfunctions, enhance performance and promote continuous improvement.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing equipment, the complexity of which varies significantly from manual to state of the art/highly automated, operates according to the specified design standards. Optimal operation is critical to the products quality and manufacturing characteristics.
  • To coordinate and plan for the repair of all electronic and combustion equipment removed from the field due to malfunctions or defects. This includes tracking status of repairs, assessing the quality of the repairs, and maintaining stock of spare parts.
  • Responsible for continuous learning and development of work skills and technical through attendance of training classes with vendors, online, and on the job training.
  • Responsible for the successful installation, testing and commissioning of new capital equipment.
  • Liason and interface with suppliers, vendors, contractors, original equipment manufactures, and other parties to properly select and repair equipment and quickly rectify problems.
  • To effectively perform and complete all assigned project work efficiently, on time and safely within a fast-paced work environment.

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) circuit analysis
  • Experience working with AC/DC Drives
  • Working knowledge of electrical/electrical systems/Instrumentation/Sensors/Test Equipment
  • Working knowledge (hardware and software programming) of PLCs
  • Basic knowledge of hydraulics/Pneumatic Systems

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma/GED with 4 to 5 years of an apprenticeship in industrial/electrical or combustion (experience in manufacturing preferred) or
  • High school diploma/GED with 4 to 5 years of equivalent experience in industrial/electrical or combustion (experience in manufacturing preferred)

Preferred Qualifications

Associate degree in Electrical Technology or related with 2 to 3 years of related electrical experience (experience in manufacturing preferred)

Signing and Retention Bonus:

  • $1500 upon joining
  • $3000 to be paid upon completion of the first year of employment and is in good standing.
  • $3000 to be paid upon completion of the second year of employment and is in good standing.

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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