Electrical Maintenance Manager

A Steel Manufacturer is seeking an Electrical Maintenance Manager of the Melt Shop is responsible for all aspects of the electrical functioning of the operations and works closely with the Mechanical Maintenance Manager and in a collaborative team effort for the plant operations. This position requires the ability to provide root cause failure analysis for equipment failures and able to formulate applicable solutions.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Implementation and adherence of all safety procedures which include but are not limited to, lock-out-tag out, personal protective equipment, and fall protection.
  2. Identify, plan and implement preventative plan electrical maintenance of the shop with the goal of reducing unscheduled delays, increasing productivity and guiding continuous improvement efforts.
  3. Oversees and is responsible for ensuring the training of the Union workforce which consists of Journeyman Electricians.
  4. Oversees all planning, scheduled repairs and troubleshooting which is required to keep the plant in operations.
  5. Develop solutions to problems inherent to equipment in the plant (engineer and implement changes to improve performance or eliminate problem).
  6. Oversees both the salaried and union Electrical workforce
  7. Administrative aspects of the position including the adherence to all Company policies and procedures, budgets, cost savings and overseeing the administration of the Union contract with the workforce.
  8. Create and approve weekly work schedule for union employees.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • A four year degree Electrical Degree or a related discipline.
  • A minimum of five years of experience in electrical supervision a steel producing and rolling environment.
  • Extensive experience with the various types of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and have the ability to go past the hardware of the PLC and into the actual program to solve problems.
  • Experience with drives, PID loop controls, flow controls and flow process control.

Preferred Skills

  • Strong abilities in managing an hourly Union workforce a plus.
  • Must believe in standardization and a zealot on Safety.
  • Must have strong critical thinking skills with the ability to identify potential problems and be proactive in addressing issues before they become problematic.
  • Must possess strong leadership and communication skills.
Proficient with Excel and Oracle
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