Electrical Engineer – Kansas City, MO

Duties and Responsibilities

1) Sets & communicates project expectations to team members and stakeholders

2) Identifies and resolves issues and communicates and coordinates with the project team

3) Identifies and manages project dependencies and critical path

4) Plans schedule & track project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools

5) Develops and delivers progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations

6) Analyzes results and troubleshoots problem areas throughout project life cycle, through testing and analyzing the product, and makes recommended changes

7) Conducts project post mortems and creates a recommendations report to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements

8) Own “steps” in the product development process

9) Respects and understands target cost & performance product specifications and manages projects to fulfill them as closely as possible

10) Assumes accountability for project development budgets, timelines, quality, and adherence to product and business requirements

This role will not work with on-site designers or a mechanical design team. They will coordinate the project with our overseas partners. They will need to be able to access the design through testing and evaluation and make appropriate recommendations to change the product for improvements.

They will need to have electronics/engineering experience.

Preferred BS in Electrical engineering will entertain Electrical engineering technology degree with abundant experience.

Experience with vendors in China/Philippines on project management and production

Preferred ENG experience-

  1. RF
  2. Bluetooth/ IOC
  3. Audio

Here is where we see the individuals spending their time

  1. 40% on troubleshooting, testing, and evaluating the product.
  2. 15% travel to HK to visit the factory during the production run to ensure they are meeting our requirements.
  3. Dependent on travel restrictions.
  4. 30% project management, coordinating the internal process with marketing, engineering, QC, and our factories
  5. 15% on documentation of specs, etc., that is required with the role of project management
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Kansas City MO