Job Description

Operations Manager / EOS Integrator - Hospitalityi Industry
--Ensure all Area Managers, GM's and AGM's achieve 85% of their weekly to-do list items.
---Ensure all Managers hit 85% of their quarterly rocks.
--Work with each manager to put together quarterly rocks that are approved by the CEO. Rocks are to be stretch targets but attainable.
--Follow up Manager weekly on their progress on weekly to do list items and quarterly rocks.
---Help Managers achieve to do list items and rocks but supporting them with resources or guidance to achieve it.
--Weekly Update and send out scorecard data, quarterly rocks progress, weekly to do list items, IDS meetings
--Manage, plan and run annual meeting, quarterly meetings and end of year meeting
--Send the Weekly to do list items after the conference call to the CEO weekly for his review
---Send out updated weekly conference call agenda.
--Collect "issues" from staff weekly and add to the agenda. Ron to ensure issues are actual issues and not just regular to do list items.
--Create and run quarterly new orientations at the Corporate Office for new hires. Ensure all new hires understand their roles, their properties and the company's core values.
--Create and implement all core processes training programs for our staff.
--Ensure all core processes for each position are created and we have it accessible through the company portal and EOS Software.
--Ensure General Managers are having EOS meetings weekly at their properties and they are being documented and put into the EOS Software.
--Run IDS meetings and documents across the company between employees when issues arise between them.
--Coach and mentor Area Managers in team members and area development.
--Quarterly report sent to the CEO if we have the "right people in the right seats" in management positions across the company.
--Ensure all employees understand the companies Vision, Mission Statement, Core Focus and Core Values. Continuously promote it and ensure everyone is behind it.
--Step in as a back up Area Manager when and if needed.
--Scout properties as or when directed by the CEO.
--Any and all other duties given to you by the CEO.

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Duluth GA
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