Brampton ON
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EHS Manager

Position Overview:

Directs the environmental, health & safety management systems for the Plant. Is a key resource and drives the safety, fire, environmental, industrial hygiene, construction, training, and security elements of the facility. Works with and supports plant management in developing, implementing and monitoring the plant’s overall safety system and initiatives.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conducts periodic safety-related audits/inspections / analysis to ensure employee safety and regulatory compliance, prepares action plans, and works with appropriate individuals to ensure successful completion.
  • Completes & Ensures risk assessments and job safety analysis are conducted as needed.
  • Collaborates with appropriate department personnel to resolve identified hazards.
  • Completes & Reviews incident investigation reports. Works with appropriate plant staff to ensure investigation is complete and satisfactory. Enters final report into the corporate incident database.
  • Assists in monitoring contractors and construction activities to ensure safe work practices are being followed.
  • Chairs the monthly plant safety committee(s) as required by local regulation.
  • Presents safety-related information both internally and externally using meetings, message boards, and other written / verbal communication methods as appropriate.
  • Identify or develop and implement programs to encourage, reward and recognize employee safe behavior, involvement, and commitment toward plant safety. Monitors the corporate and/or plant safety incentive programs.
  • Collaborates with appropriate department personnel to resolve identified hazards.
  • Maintains and updates pertinent information in Material Safety Data Sheet books and electronic system located within the plant.
  • Acts as the liaison during external safety, fire and environmental audits, including OH&S inspections.
  • Maintains all OH&S documents and posts, annually, as required.
  • WSIB Case administration, Case Management, return to work including modified work program. Point of contact for third party adjudicator.
  • Develops annual safety budget. Monitors spending to meet or exceed spending goals.
  • Works closely with the respective Regional EHS Manager and Corporate EHS Manager.
  • Collaborate with EHS managers at sister plants to implement safety standards and best practices as required.
  • Responsible for internal (employees) and external (contractors, visitors, etc.) orientation, safety training and communications. Identifies training requirements using regulatory guidelines and needs assessments. Designs, develops, and implements training in-house or identifies and contracts with external training resources. May present training, prepare designee(s) for presentation or use external resources.
  • CBT (Computer Based Training), FMS (Facility Management System) administration. Data collection and reporting for plant incentive program requirements.
  • Tracks all plant safety training to ensure requirements are met. Maintains plant training documentation files. Prepares monthly training reports of employee participation to ensure full compliance
  • Works with the Human Resources Manager to assist management team in the development and maintenance of job training programs that ensure the transfer of job knowledge and safe working practices.
  • Minimum 50% of daily working time to be spent on the production floor working with plant team members, coaching, observing, auditing and driving safety and safety culture improvements through relationships and hands-on efforts.

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