EAF Melter

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The Melter will follow prescribed methods, procedures and sequences of operations. This position will report directly to the EAF Shift Manager.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Melter are:
-Safe and efficient operation of the EAF to include following all standard operating procedures
-Adjusting scrap mix in order to meet quality requirements
-Direct and assist EAF helper and EAF Utility to replace and or rebuild electrodes
-Operate the lime and carbon injection systems to ensure a quality foamy slag, as well as take slag samples and adjust fluxes as necessary
-Calculate tapping alloys and fluxes. Operate the EAF alloy system to meet chemistry requirements
-Operate the dedusting system to ensure proper furnace operating pressure and evacuation
-Monitor all primary and secondary cooling components and temperatures, and make adjustments as needed
-Activate controls to tilt furnace and tap the heat to minimize slag carryover
-Examine furnace after each heat to determine condition of refractories, water-cooled panels, roof, burners, etc. and make necessary repairs
-Assist refractory personnel in repairing furnace lining and measuring bottom height during patches
-Lead furnace crew during on-line furnace sidewall and bottom repairs as well as taphole and roof delta changes
-Remove spills and scrap from furnace structure, under furnace, pits, evacuation duct and surrounding floor areas
-Maintain 5S and safety of assigned areas
-Record operational data from each heat into a computer-based heat recorder system
-Serve as relief EAF Shift Manager
-Assist in bricking furnace and cleaning or changing burners under direct supervision of supervisor
-Perform routine and preventative maintenance and assist maintenance personnel as needed
-Takes temperature tests and samples as required

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Full-Time Regular
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