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Magellan Aerospace, Haverhill has an exciting opportunity for Division Manager. The facility prides with its rich history in the aerospace industry, and is a centre of excellence for rotating engine shafts, and manufactures medium sized stationary casings for Aeroengine applications. With the pending retirement of our current Division Manager, we are looking for a dynamic and inspiring leader, who is interested in taking on this challenge and continue to lead the facility along its successful and profitable path.


Magellan Aerospace, Haverhill offers excellent career opportunities, competitive salary, health and pension benefits packages. Starting salary will be based on experience and qualifications.

Essential Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership
• Develop in-depth understanding of the current state of the business, relative to strategic Magellan objectives.
• Effectively deploy all the needed resources to effectively manage the business.
• Develop, refine and oversee the implementation of a long and short term strategic business plan, aligned to corporate strategy/objectives.
• Utilizes performance metrics that are developed to measure ongoing strategic success or areas for improvement.
• Strategically align with Customers and develop plans which include commitments to delivery, performance measures, and price.

Financial Management & Oversight
• Oversee the management of all financial matters for the facilities, including cash and asset management, reporting, corporate & regulatory policies etc.
• Oversee development of comprehensive annual business plan (including budgets, forecasts, and operational targets).
• Set specific/measurable financial goals (short & long term) that drive profitable business growth.

Operational Excellence
• Ensure divisional operating structure is optimally aligned to achieve efficiencies.
• Research and implementation of strategies to maximize the efficient use of resources and production processes across the site.
• Improve facility performance by successful implementation and maintenance of Corporate MOS (Magellan Operating System) processes.
• Direct continuous improvement efforts and oversee the organization's performance relative to quality of products and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Systems Management
• Ensure management of all internal business systems are operating optimally to direct, monitor and measure company resources.
• Effectively manage all business processes to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, and minimize errors and risk to protect and optimize corporate resources.

Compliance Management
• Establish and maintain a strong safety culture within the organization for employees, customers and the general public.
• Maintain broad oversight of operations ensuring compliance with Company policies and procedures.
• Establish and maintain a regular internal and management review process and create action plans for improvement.
• Develop and maintain a strong culture of quality.

Human Capital Management
• Lead multidisciplinary team which guides, motivates and develops all facility staff.
• Develop a culture of operational excellence, creative thought, and continuous improvement throughout the facility.
• Develop a strong and well-functioning senior team.
• Be a champion for change management.
• Develop a culture for optimizing, leveraging and improving the existing skills of human capital.

Position Requirements

• Post-Secondary Education in a related field
• P&L responsibility of a company, branch or division of a relevant size and scope
• Senior management experience with precision/custom engineering manufacturing
• Operations experience in a lean manufacturing plant environment
• Experience with introducing and implementing continuous process improvement (CPI) initiatives
• Warehousing, distribution and logistics expertise
• Demonstrated team development experience
• Strong management experience
• Professional Engineer (electrical/mechanical), an asset
• Aerospace industry experience, an asset

About us:

Magellan Aerospace is a global, integrated aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. The organization officially adopted the name “Magellan Aerospace Corporation” in 1996; deriving it from the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan. His global exploits at the turn of the 15th century established a number of firsts, so the company’s vision has been to carry this same legacy into the future of the aerospace industry.

At Magellan we have over 80 years of collective knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry, and believe one truth: People create value. Employees are our greatest resource in working towards a successful future, and together we build professional relationships that thrive. We know that personal development is fundamental to the success of every individual, and every individual is fundamental to the success of our business, so we invest in our employees and provide excellent career progression opportunities. When you are part of Magellan, you are a part of the team!
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