Director of Operations

United States of America
Injection Molding
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Director of Operations

Within the US organization, this position is responsible for providing the leadership for the deployment of Lean Manufacturing and a work environment that captures the discretionary effort of our employees. This position has 3 Plant Managers and a US Continuous Improvement Manager reporting directly to it. The position has significant coordination with the Commercial and Planning functions of the business, and reports directly to the CEO.

  • To establish strategies for development and implementation of continuous improvement, maintenance, and quality systems in order to establish a manufacturing system in the US locations that consistently eliminates waste, satisfies the customer, improves manufacturing costs, sponsors EHS, and provides the leadership required to respond to the rapid changing markets.
  • To deploy the knowledge and learning from Technology and Machinery divisions into the manufacturing systems, process parameters and best manufacturing practices across the plants.
  • To support implementation of lean manufacturing, maintenance and quality systems among the US plants. Acting as a teacher/leader/coach.
  • To provide the leadership to Plant Managers to support driving rapid change throughout the organization to respond to the marketplace.
  • To provide leadership, support, and alternatives, for decision making to Plant Managers.
  • To facilitate sharing and deployment of best practices among the North American plants.
  • To ensure issues/topics of common interest are shared among the plants.
  • To oversee the systems at each location to confirm a quality product is manufactured in a timely manner and in a way that meets the customer’s needs.
  • To review the findings of external customer audits and ensure that audit findings are responded to timely, thoroughly, and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • To audit the course of events when a customer complaint is filed: the complaint is investigated, the root causes found and corrective actions are established, executed and effective.
  • Ensure that (where applicable) the supply chain is made aware of their food safety obligations as our partner in the quest to deliver a safe product to the consuming public.
  • To sponsor basic continuous improvement principles of standardized work, kaizen, and 5S through example.
  • To drive the implementation of lean manufacturing principles throughout all of the plants.
  • A3 Thinking – Cascaded logical BU, Location and Department A3 Plans that driving rapid improvement in key areas (TRR, Ebitda, Cash, PPM, and Delivery) of the business.
  • Daily Management – Area, location boards, and daily meetings which facilitate rapid problem-solving, based on triggers related to the A3 plan goals.
  • Problem Solving – All employees are involved with identifying problems based on the A3 plan, solving these problems to root, implementing cost-effective solutions, and sustaining these improvements.
  • Kaizen – Kaizens are being conducted in the key areas, which are identified in the A3 plan to rapidly drive significant improvement.
  • TPM – TPM to level 3 which includes source elimination and visualization of the process to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) based on the needs identified in the A3 plan, which will reduce equipment variance and improve problem-solving.
  • SWI – Standardized work instructions, in the key processed identified in the A3 plan. Standardized work instructions include content, sequence, timing, location, expected outcome with a built-in test which will drive reduced variance and improvement.
  • Process Management – Implemented control plans for product, process, incoming and measurement assurance for the key processes identified in the A3 plans to reduce variance and improved problem solving.
  • Auditing – All OPEX processes must have a tiered audit approach using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) as the OPEX system is put in place to sustain the improvements.

  • BS in Engineering or BA Business
  • 15+ years of experience required managing and directing others in a manufacturing operation with assignments that have been progressively more complex.
  • Ability to manage complex budget and cost centers.
  • Proven skills in managing within a Matrix Organization structure.
  • Excellent communication skills and organizational skills.
  • Experience in manufacturing process, quality and production arenas.
  • Background in quality and customer service philosophies.
  • Strong leadership and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing and experience implementing state of the art maintenance and quality systems is a must.
  • Proven skills in building positive human relationships and decision making.
  • Dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating others toward success.

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