San Jose
Costa Rica

G Adventures

Title: Director of Operations – Central America & Caribbean

Reports to: General Manager Latin America

Current Direct reports: Central America & Caribbean Regional Manager

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Job Description

The Director of Operations is responsible for representing the region of Central America & Caribbean at the highest level, singing the praises of its team members and creating awareness globally for what is happening in this region. This person will be responsible for the overall growth, customer satisfaction, profitability and engagement of the regions. More importantly this person will be responsible for executing the G Adventures vision and core values to all corners of the region. He/she will ensure employees are highly engaged and that managers and supervisors are constantly challenging and growing the human talent in the region cultivating new leaders and providing new opportunities as the region grows. He/she will be responsible of the successful flow of system processes and administration work undertaken by his/her teams in the different offices.

The Director must encourage his team to constantly be seeking out and developing key partners and relationships that allow the region to be profitable and to provide the best possible traveler experience. He/She must also ensure that there is correct process of reporting of events/actions to the head office and any other relevant offices/regions.


- Responsible for overall engagement of staff, company culture, and adherence to our core values.

- Lead, manage and develop the various Operations teams in a progressive and fast-moving environment. Work with the Talent Agency and G Force to ensure we attract, hire, and keep the best possible talent in all areas of the business.

- Act as the one of the representative of G Adventures in front of all local and relevant authorities in each country with ability to sign on COGS and Overhead payments.

- Manage the Annual performances for his direct report and ensure that all reviews are undertaken for all indirect reporting staff.

- Working with the executive team to set profitability and NPS objectives and ensure all regions are executing on profitability and customer experience initiatives.

- This position will sit on the Light Brigade team assisting to regular meetings & participating in / leading any global initiatives launched by the group.

- Collaborating on the various contracting objectives together with the buying team to ensure the regions are profitable and achieving aggressive growth.
 Also ensure our supply chain guidelines are being followed.

- Ensure safety of our passengers and staff is forefront in all operational decisions and procedures.

- Seek out and, develop new trip ideas, relationships and opportunities throughout the region with suppliers and providers that allow that allow it to grow, differentiate, and be more cost effective.

- Develop and manage profitable on-tour ancillary revenue opportunities that match the service needs of G Adventures travelers.

- Ensure the management team in the region is able to execute on the G Adventures brand promise for service, accuracy and profitability and that their respective teams are performing to expectation.

- Collaborate with centralized yield team to ensure all trips are running as profitable as possible and identifying areas which need attention from sales, marketing and yield.

- Manage the office fiscal overhead budgets following the guidelines set by the finance team and VP Operations in Toronto. Ensure that his/her team in the different offices are running operations on or under budget throughout the year.

- Driving change and improvement of the region at all levels including reservation system, cost management, buying, customer service, new staff growth opportunities etc. Must be able to take an idea, solution or plan and execute it.

- Keeping him/herself up to date with local regulations and ensure G Adventures remain a competitive company on the market in good standing where we operate

- Through the CEO Managers in the region, he/she must be able to inspire and guide the CEOs to be fully integrated with the company, G brand and G travelers.

- Work closely with other regional department, supporting all efforts aimed at regional engagement, company culture, commercial efforts and anything else as requested.

- Work closely with the regional ops directors, managers and supervisors in Latin America. Maintain and promote efficient and effective processes based on centralized guidelines, facilitating communication between departments and offices as necessary for efficient operations to thrive. Encourage the sharing of best practices between the different teams under his/her responsibility and other regions.

- Ensure the Central America & Caribbean team is represented at all levels through different opportunities for Connection Camp, Leadership camps, G Stock and other company events.

- Critical Incident Management as required, to be supported by the Toronto CIM team and GM for Latin America.

Key Accountabilities and Performance Indicators

- NPS Scores / Customer Satisfaction for Region (incl. ERR)

- Region Profitability

- Trip Budget Accuracy (SMART Validation Accuracy & Timely supplier payment)

- Staff and CEO engagement and growth of company culture

- Strength of relationships outside of local office (Sales, Marketing, Brand, Marine, Yield, Talent, Finance, IT…)

- Ability to communicate and be an ambassador for the region

- Growth of the region through new products and opportunities

- Efficiency, structure and flow of various teams within the local office

- Frequency of recognition given to top talent at all levels of the organizational chart

- Office Budget Management


- Minimum 5 years of travel and tourism industry experience

- Minimum 5 years mid/high level management experience

- Fully fluent oral and advanced written skills in both English and Spanish

- Experience working and doing business in Central America.

- Strong commitment to Service and the Traveler Experience

- Flexible and able to travel frequently

- Strong travel history, particularly in region.

- Experience in managing remote teams.

- B2B Negotiation and Contracting Experience

- Demonstrated ability to develop strong long-term business relationships.

- Good general business skill set including budgeting, planning, written & verbal communication, financial, basic legal, project management, and organizational skills

- Ability to motivate, lead and coach others with a team focused approached

- Ability to work in a fast moving & ever-changing environment

- Demonstrated decision making abilities along with a take charge leadership personality

- Commitment to G Adventures purpose and core values.

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