Director of Nursing

Prescott Valley
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Position Summary

Provides clinical emergency consultation, authorization of treatment procedures, advises on medical issues, treatment program revisions, & staff consultation.

Essential Functions

  • Is a member of the Management Team.
  • Attends management team meetings and participates in Director-On-Call call schedule.
  • Represents Nursing and the Medical Department and communicates issues to the management team regarding the Department.
  • Performs tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.
  • Participates in budget and business plan discussions.
  • Attends to the optimal functioning of the management team.
  • Will administratively review and approve all Medical Department expenses.
  • Has the responsibilities and duties of a Nursing Supervisor (but may delegate the duties).
  • Staffing of Nursing, including RNs, med techs, medical assistants, and transport.
    • Hiring staff so that positions are filled.
    • Coaching staff for improvement and performing disciplinary actions.
    • Staff Scheduling.
    • Sets up Nursing staff meetings when needed.
    • Attends to staff morale.
    • Fills shifts when needed.
  • Trains Nursing staff and employees.
    • Med pass training.
    • New employee orientation.
    • Other training as needed.
  • Maintains and updates Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintains sections of Legal Guardian Packet that are written by Nursing.
  • Works with Quality Improvement to improve care at our facility.
    • Attends the Quality Improvement Committee Meeting and reports on Nursing.
    • Assists our Infection Control Officer with ongoing infection control procedures and with the Annual Infection Control Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan.
    • Prepares Nursing for audits by licensing agencies, JCAHO, and other reviewers.
    • Responds when needed to Quality of Care reviews.
    • Tracks medication errors.
  • Oversees that immunizations, optometry, dental, and other appointments occur in a timely manner.
  • Oversees that med pass is performed in a safe manner, according to our policies and procedures.
  • Oversees that med requests and other medical concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Oversees proper documentation, whether on paper or on electronic media, as required by our organization.
  • Follows RN Responsibilities and Duties when functioning in the role of staff nurse.
  • Supports our philosophy of treatment and maintenance of healthy norms.

Position Qualifications

  • BA or higher in relative field.
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