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Injection Molding
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Director of Maintenance


Leads and Directs activities of all corporate plant facilities and production maintenance including machine, mold installation and repair, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance general plant maintenance and repair. Installation and build up of necessary equipment to support the manufacturing process. Purchase parts and materials required to maintain and properly repair equipment while maintaining an operating budget. Coordinate with manufacturing the scheduling of down times for repair and maintenance.


The Maintenance Director is responsible for the scheduling of maintenance activities, parts and equipment purchasing and supplies, management of downtime for preventive and predictive maintenance and assignment of line calls for emergency repairs.

The Maintenance Manager directs the activities of all hourly maintenance employees.


Challenges include maintaining equipment in production, plant facilities, grounds, etc. Training of maintenance personnel, updating of historical maintenance logs, purchasing and maintaining a spare parts inventory, scheduling and coordinating downtime activities and the installation of new equipment. Managing the maintenance budget.

The Maintenance Manager may be required to attend the daily Plant Manager meetings as a key member of the plant management team.


  • Provide ongoing support to plant injection/blow molding operations to insure quality and delivery performance for the plant.
  • Direct hourly maintenance personnel in their daily activities.
  • Maintain a spare parts inventory.
  • Ordering supplies.
  • Complete installation of new equipment.
  • Schedule preventive and predictive maintenance work.
  • Maintain and lead safety.
  • Require good housekeeping
  • Provide trouble shooting and analysis
  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Manage the maintenance budget.

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